Busch At Large Representative Candidates

Eseosa Idumwonyi (Knights)

Hello,My name is Eseosa Idumwonyi! I am currently a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Business Administration. I am running for the position of At-large Representative for Busch Campus. Last year, Busch residents chose me to represent them in Rutgers University’s Student Assembly. I am running again so that I can continue to be a liaison between the assembly and students living on Busch. As a representative, I worked closely with residents to ensure that their concerns and needs were not only heard but also met. As an experienced RUSA member, I have the skills and knowledge needed to represent our campus, and University, well. As an at-large representative, I was a member of the University Affairs Committee. I worked closely with my fellow committee members and other Rutgers Organizations. My committee and I worked hard to implement several initiatives, among them was the takeout cupanion water bottles. I hope you will vote for me, so that together, we can continue making progressive changes here at Rutgers. Thank you for your consideration!

Anik Joshi (Unscrew RU)

I am running because I know that Rutgers can be better and it is incumbent on those of us who believe that to work to make it a reality.

DoKyum (William) Kim (Knights)

Hi! My name is DoKyum but most people know me as Will/William. I’m currently a very passionate non-voting member of RUSA and I have been so since the spring semester. I was in the Legislative Committee in the Spring semester, but currently I am in the Health & Awareness committee under the mental health subcommittee. I hope I can serve to be one of the voices of the students of Rutgers! Thank you for taking your time to vote in the Fall Elections!

Robert Novicke

Hi everyone! My name is Bobby and I am a new transfer student at Rutgers. I am very involved throughout my community at home, while starting to get involved here. I have run for office before (school board in my home town), and I would like the opportunity to be the representative for my campus.

Ali Pasha

As a resident of Busch Campus, I experience the many benefits it has to offer every single day. However, as someone who stands for election for the role of Busch Representative, I recognize all the things that can be improved throughout the campus. If elected, I will devote all my effort into improving living conditions, transportation, and cuisine, among other things. No matter whether the person is a resident of Busch or just a visitor, a first year student or a fourth, I will work to make Busch an enjoyable campus for all who step foot onto it.

Neeharika Thuravil (UnScrew RU)

My name is Neeharika Thuravil and as an activist, I understand how important it is for socially and politically involved students like me to express our opinions, dissent, and protest peacefully. However, our rights to do so have come under attack and scrutiny, and that is why I’m running with UnScrew RU as a Busch At-Large Representative to organize to make sure the university stands opposed to new policies that restrict our rights as activists and ensure that our voices can still be heard and make change. Apart from that, I also believe increasing the general awareness about mental health and smashing the stigma against it. According to National Data on Campus Suicide and Depression, one in twelve college students makes a suicide plan. My goal in running with UnScrew RU is to attempt to draw students to resources that they may need on campus, such as CAPS, and to establish mental health as something just as important as physical health. If you believe that same and believe that the RU Screw has gone on for far too long, vote UnScrew RU!

Jhanvi Virani (UnScrew RU)

I want to run for RUSA because I’m really passionate about student politics, and I think, given the opportunity, I could help create some real positive change in the Rutgers community


Busch Class of 2021 Representative Candidates

Nithi Kumar

Class of 2021! You probably don’t know who I am but my name is Nithi Kumar. I am 5′ almost 6″ with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and I am running to be your Busch Class of 2021 Representative. We all know how Busch students represent the majority of science fields at Rutgers and I include myself in that as a computer science major. So I know how to represent everyone and their field, as I am also a part of the Computer Science Living Learning Community. I’ve also been involved in student government since I was in elementary school and I was an officer for 5 years, so my experience and passion are no doubt there. Ever since I started on my first day on campus, I have thought about how to improve Rutgers student experience. I know that students want more events where they can communicate and meet each other so I will make it a main part of my agenda to do so.

Malik Obeidallah

Greetings and welcome, Class of 2021! My name is Malik Obeidallah, and I am a freshman in the School of Arts and Sciences. I am running as the representative for the Class of 2021 because it would be a great honor to represent your concerns, ideas, and interests in the student assembly. Frankly, as a freshman myself, I understand how it feels to be lost, confused, and frustrated at the inability to find solutions and enact change. During the past three weeks that I’ve spoken to some of you, you voiced your concerns about topics ranging from transportation to academics and personal health. Many of the topics discussed could be resolved easily through legislation that just needs to be presented for voting, and with your help, we can make it happen. So vote for me! Let us make this year fruitful and fun. I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming weeks, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, I’m here for you, after all.

Tuna Yildiz (Knights)

Hi everyone, I am Tuna. I am in my freshman year and study mechanical engineering. I am an international student coming from Turkey. I want to represent class of 2021 for Busch campus. In my high school years, I lived 3 years in dorm and moved to off campus housing for 2 years. I had experience for living in and off campus and I had lots of leadership experiences in my high school.(class monitoring for 4 years, dorm representative for 2 years.) I want to take place in RUSA because I know what is needed to improve the life in Busch campus for all students and I am very much interested to work and stand for Busch students.