College Avenue

College Avenue At Large Representative Candidates

Mario Carbajal (UnScrew RU)

My goal is to improve College Ave and to work to get things done. My goal is to fix the inconveniences that students in College Ave face on a daily bases. This is not only my goal but the goal of those who are working to unscrew RU.

Sam Kaplan

I’m Sam Kaplan and I’m running to become a College Ave At-Large Representative. I could spend upwards of 3500 words expounding upon my credentials and explaining my plans for the future, but honestly, who wants to read that much? All that matters is that I care. I care about this school, about the student body, about you. I care deeply about Rutgers and Rutgers students, and I will work my hardest to ensure that I do not let you down and that I represent you well. I care about our school, our students, and our voice. We can start changing society together. I will push for a declaration on behalf of Rutgers that we stand with the kneelers who protest injustice and intolerance. I look forward to representing you as a College Ave At-Large Representative.

Lauren Kramer

Hello I’m Lauren and I’m a junior here at Rutgers! In the past I have been involved as an Orientation Leader for New Student Orientation and as a member of RHA. I want to be a part of RUSA because I want to help make a difference in the Rutgers community.

Joseph Mansont

My name is Joseph Mansonet and I am running for a position as a College Ave At-large representative. I’m a freshman and a part of the Honors College. My leadership experience began with my time in the Boy Scouts. During my tenure as a Scout, I developed the skills necessary to effectively lead; I learned the importance of initiative, of listening to opposing ideas and synthesizing them for the benefit of all, of standing up for the principles that guide me. These skills lead to me becoming an Eagle Scout and the Senior Patrol leader of my home troop.This leadership was further augmented by my time as section leader and drum major for my high school’s marching band, being first chair bassoon in the wind ensemble, being secretary for my school’s chapter of National English Honor Society, and being and active member of the National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and the Spanish National Honor Society.As your representative, it will be my duty and my honor to serve this community to the best of my ability. While Rutgers is as amazing school, there are always aspects of student life that we can improve upon, and with your help, I can ensure that student life is as enjoyable as it can be. Although my desire to serve my community began long before I even began my time at Rutgers, I will carry over this desire into both the College Ave community and the Rutgers community as a whole. I look forward to your support and hope that, together, we can make Rutgers the best it can be.

Matthew Massey

Hello, everyone! My name is Matthew Massey and I am running for the position of College Avenue At-Large Representative. I have held various leadership positions at Rutgers over the past few years, leadership positions that would prepare me well for this role as the College Avenue At-Large Representative.As an Assistant Director for the Rutgers University Programming Association, I have experience working with several other amazing student leaders in organizing events that cater to the various interests of the diverse Rutgers student community. This particular experience allows me to understand the needs and wants of the student body.As the Peer Mentor for the French Living-Learning Community, I have experience in listening to the concerns of students and trying my best to improve any situation that they may be dealing with in order to make sure their experience at Rutgers is the best that it possibly can be.Being a part of RUSA would give me the opportunity to further improve the student experience at Rutgers, particularly on the College Avenue Campus.

Samantha Salem

Hi! My name is Sam, and I would love to have the privilege of representing you as a College Avenue Representative. I am a sophomore in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program pursuing a Political Science major with a minor in Economics. I’ve always been passionate about advocating for the needs of those around me, and I plan on utilizing this enthusiasm to enhance the Rutgers community through a multitude of initiatives that students have voiced as having great importance to them. My agenda includes improving upon the reliability of the Rutgers bus system and transportation at large, expanding mental health resources available on campus, and championing for the availability of free feminine hygiene products in residence halls and public restrooms around campus. From serving as the Public Relations Chair of my residence hall to working with my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, in fundraising for and supporting various community service efforts and philanthropies, I am hoping to continue serving the needs of Rutgers students and the community at large!

Wamia Siddiqui (UnScrew RU)

Hey y’all! My name is Wamia Siddiqui, and I am running to be an At-Large Campus Representative for my new home College Ave. I have to admit, initially, I never really believed the RU Screw existed, but that was until I tried to get on an LX bus during rush hour, and failed. Over time, I’ve learned one irrefutable fact of life’s if you try, you may not always succeed, but nothing will change if you don’t try. As someone who wasn’t always the most complacent person, I oftentimes found myself engaged in an almost cathartic process at town halls, voicing my complaints to distant, bureaucratic groups of people who only nodded along. As a State Coordinator for Amnesty International, a human rights organization, I found myself abruptly tasked with the new challenge of actually dealing with people’s frustrations, and learned to manage different conflicting perspectives, helping pass local resolutions, that later were adapted and implemented by the nationwide organization. Rather than lateral growth we brought complete change, revamping the outdated Spirit Points system to make it fairer, and hosting events students actually showed up to. For once, people felt heard, and I realized the power of listening. Actions speak louder than words, and the loudest action is undoubtedly advocacy for others. As a representative at Rutgers University, I will be dedicated to being a connection between the voice of the students and the seemingly distant, invisible hands that seem to run this school at times. Clearly, when you have a lot to say, you can only really hope that people are listening, which makes it absolutely imperative to choose the ones you can rest assured actually will. And that exactly is why I’m running with UnScrew RU, to see what we can do to make a difference in the Rutgers community.

Husain Vohra (UnScrew RU)

As a College Avenue At-Large Representative, I would aim to coalesce organizations together to discuss major issues and make sure major resources, such as CAPS, VPVA, RUPD, etc. are widely known to students by increasing promotion initiatives, as well as working to end the stigma behind mental health issues and sexual violence. I would also organize to ensure RUSA opposes the updated policy which generates ambiguity about prohibitions in social activism. Overall, my aim as a College Avenue At-Large Representative is to foster an inclusive and collaborative environment between diverse segments of Rutgers University so that students can truly feel like they belong and engage in everything the institution has to offer. My relevant experience includes serving on the College Avenue Residential Council and managing a $10,000 budget to plan campus-wide events, working as a VP and Advocacy Liaison of Tinsley Hall’s RHA Board, welcoming incoming students over the summer as an Orientation Leader, and enforcing university policy as a current Resident Assistant of Tinsley Hall. I am strongly committed to maintaining collaboration and transparency in collegiate governances so that the rights of our students are preserved.

Tenaya Washington

I am honored to be granted the ability to run for the College Avenue Campus At-large Representative Position. As a representative, I want to know what you all desire and hope for so that I can carry out those wants and needs. Each and every one of you have a voice that should and needs to be expressed and I want to represent those voices. I am actively committed to making Rutgers a better place regarding each and every student. With my determination, passion, and devotion for success, I am going to direct this university on a better path by any means necessary. Creating a plan is one thing, yet, executing that plan is another. To do so, you must have a strong voice standing behind that plan. With all your voices making up my voice, I am guaranteed that change will occur. Thank you.

Paul Ziessler (UnScrew RU)

If elected I would stand by the following guidelines: Prudence in monetary allocation, representation for those who do not know of or care for RUSA’s responsibilities, and a desire to expand RUSA funded programs to students currently out of their reach. I failed to see these values adequately represented at the RUSA meetings that I attended as a NON-RUSA member. I would like to pursue them alongside my fellow candidates on the UnScrew RU ticket.

College Avenue Class of 2021 Representative Candidates

Tilak Bhatnagar (UnScrew RU)

My greatest fear coming to Rutgers was that I wouldn’t fit in. Over the past few weeks, my fear melted away as I met friendly and interesting people. I respect the tight-knit community here at Rutgers and if elected, my priority will be to maintain our community by listening to your concerns and arguing on your behalf at all RUSA meetings. Before I came to Rutgers, I was elected to represent my class of over 600 students as Vice President for two years and raised thousands of dollars for the class. After class council, I joined the Student Action Committee, in which I co-authored an online petition for a later school start time. The petition garnered 1,253 signatures in a month, and we presented the petition and all signatures to the Edison Township Board of Education at a public meeting. Now at Rutgers, I am studying at the School of Arts and Sciences and am considering a major in Economics with a minor in Political Science. But before all of these labels, I am a proud Rutgers student, and ask for your support to maintain a community that we can all fit into.

Kermina Hanna

Hello there! As a fellow student, you may have seen me walking to class in the Vorhees Mall, or eating at Brower, or heading to Barnes & Noble for those overpriced books and access codes. But, what you may not have seen, is me meeting with the Chair of RUSA’s Academic Affairs Committee and the Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Affairs to discuss the Core Curriculum, finding an alternative to the common hour exams (because who wants a Calc exam at 8PM on a Sunday??), and a few other matters. You may not have seen me attend every RUSA meeting on Thursday night from 7:30-10PM since the beginning of this year, even though I am not an elected official. Also, you may not have seen me discussing how to get a student vote on the NJ Board of Governors with the Chair of RUSA’s Legislative Committee and the President.And here’s why I bring this up: I am not waiting for an official position to begin working on the making RU better, thereby making the #RUscrew a pastime. I’m working on it now. Your votes will put me in the official position to continue to do so. So, I urge you to vote at the bottom of this page: Kermina Hanna.

Eric Jiang

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them” – Mother TeresaWhen my parents first immigrated to America, they had to start at the lowest rung of the social ladder with no friends or English. They spent many years working hard jobs to make ends meet before gaining U.S.citizenship and working up the ladder. From a young age, my parents instilled in me a value of hard work as the key to a journey of success and education as an equalizer of all people. Now I’m a first-year student at Rutgers University intending on majoring in Computer Science and Business. Like most first-years, I came to Rutgers humble and nervous to make friends. I quite soon learned that the true spirit of our community rests in the value of people. The idea of making a tangible impact within our school and community resonates with me to the heart because our mark in society is not how much we own but how much we help. From football games to clubs, I’m getting involved with the many diverse and valuable opportunities offered one of which is the Rutgers University Student Assembly, a voice for Rutgers students by Rutgers students.We live in a time like no other where we face great threats to our democracy, and as humans, we must confront the inhumane. I understand what it’s like to come from far and near, be different yet alike, and confront the ideas that are difficult but necessary. Rutgers is a place where anyone can be anybody from the lecture halls to the track or art museum. My goal is to bring justice where there is inequality, knowledge where there is bigotry, and love where there is hate. I have four years to do something special, and I wouldn’t choose to do it with anyone else but the class of 2021.

Aman Virdi

I’m Aman Virdi and I’m running to be your College Ave Representative for the Class of 2021. Academically, I’m interested in pursuing Mathematics and Finance. Outside of the academic realm, I’m a friendly and social person that likes to reach out to people all over Rutgers. I believe I can represent the freshmen who live on College Ave because I understand, connect with, and can accurately represent the desires of those who live in the Heart of Rutgers.