Douglass At-large Representative

Sara Bailey

Hi, my name is Sara Bailey and I am a junior majoring in Public Health and minoring in Spanish. I have always been involved in organizations that strive to make a difference at Rutgers and that’s something I pride myself in. Being a part of the Douglass Residential College really gave me the confidence and skill set to be the best version of myself. I was elected as the Women Center Coalition’s (WCC) President for the 2017-2018 year and I work closely with Douglass students, faculty, and staff. Under my leadership, the Center is active again and there are now more volunteers to keep the space open. This helps create a more inclusive environment not just on Douglass but Rutgers as a whole. Last semester I joined RUSA as the Center’s External Representative to help act as a liaison to both organizations. My passion led me to join the Health and Wellness Committee, as I believe that good heath is essential for living and learning. Working with both RUSA, the WCC, and the committee I want to help bring free sanitary pads and tampons on campus so we can become a more well-rounded community. Furthermore, this semester I’ve been selected as the Alcohol and Drugs Sub-Committee Chair and I’m excited to hit the ground running. I want to continue to promote and support efforts made in the student body so that all students have the same advantages needed to thrive in classes and in the community as the Douglass At-large Representative. I plan to work with internal and external representatives in the student assembly to better the school dynamic. As Douglass At-large Representative, my primary goal would be to help emphasis how important self-care and self-love is to mental health, and how good mental health lays the foundation of a healthy environment for students. I want to also help RUSA bring together differences to collectively create a more positive space at college. I know that my experience will be invaluable in executing this task, and that my skills in leadership and organization make me a qualified candidate for the position.

Veronica Smith

Douglas is too historically intricate for me to allow it to go unnoticed. You are probably wondering what a first-year, Rutgers Freshman knows about any of this having it only been a month into the semester. Although I am not foreign to Rutgers as I am a Rutgers Upward Bound Alumni, and a Paul Robeson Ambassador, it was not until I recently became a Douglas Women and registered to take the ISS Women and Leadership class this semester that I really found out the history of Douglas. Douglas stands for power, responsibility, accessibility and equal access and opportunities for all. I am running to ensure that this is what actual goes on! I want the legacy to not only live but intensify through us. There are countless organizations I can sit here and name that I was affiliated one being Junior Statesman of America as a Chapter of Internal Affairs Agent but this statement should reflect upon YOU not me. I want my advocacy to be based not off of credentials, but you guys’s potential to take Douglas to new heights through well representation. . Hence, why I, Veronica Smith am running for Douglas At-Large Representative.The following list indicates just a few initiatives I would put into place as a Douglas At-Large Representative: * CAMPUS FEEDBACK (Do you feel safe on Douglas? What ways would promote safety? What campus scenery should be added to improve attractiveness? Generally speaking, what would a DOUGLAS 2.0 look like to you) *EASIER ACCESS TO TUTORING AT YOUR RESIDENCE HALL. I KNOW that there are many students struggling to maintain their sanity with all these courses we’re taking. I wan t to enact a plan that would provide on-site residence hall tutoring. Wouldn’t it be better if you could stay in the comfort of your own hall and the tutor comes to you? This would become KEY for us college students. *INCLUSIVE ACTIVITIES THAT WOULD ADHERE TO ALL OR MOST I UNDERSTAND that some of us have some pretty busy schedules, but it comes a time where there needs to be that one activity you look forward to at Douglas to get your mind off of the college stress. These activities could take place out in the very center lawn on Douglas. There would be movie nights, bonfires, FREE FOOD, lit music, and uhhhh some more free food. Honestly, there are not enough of these activities for us all that live on Douglas and I want to make your experience comforting now “average”.*ADD SOME LIFE TO DOUGLAS! THIS IS OUR CAMPUS, WE SHOULD BE REPRESENTED BY NOT ONLY THE PEOPLE BUT BY LANDSCAPE AND SCENERY AS WELL. There are lots of things that can spruce this campus up. From flowers, to fountains, to music and lights…Douglas has the potential to really stand out!! Douglas is our home (temporarily) but it should be a place that feels nostalgic and life-changing upon graduation. Vote Veronica for Douglas At-Large Representative!!! :)) Change is inevitable, but I want to promote positive and effective change with your ideas as the catalyst.

Douglass Class of 2021 Representative

Emily Kane

Hello! My name is Emily Kane and I would like to represent the Douglass Class of 2021 in the Rutgers University Student Assembly. As a firm believer in the phrase “sound mind, sound body”, I think it is important to start a conversation on our campus about students’ mental and physical health. I want to make sure that everyone has the greatest college experience possible, but I understand that college classes can be overwhelming and making new friends can be stressful. In the student assembly, I want to be an advocate for the well being of the students living on Douglass campus. I want to hear about the problems you see on campus so I can work to create a happy and healthy environment for everyone to thrive in!