Election Committee Resolutions

Hello Interested Student,

Here is the Informational Presentation delivered at the Info Sessions: Rusa presentation

On Monday, September 10th, 2018, the Elections Committee unanimously approved FEC Resolution 1 (4)  containing recently updated positions available and election dates.

The recently voted-on permanent is now available for public comment, until 9/30, before it becomes official and applies to post-election procedure: Permanent Resolution #2 of the Elections Committee


To declare your intent to run, please fill out the Declaration of Intent form untill Midnight at the end of the day on Saturday Sept 22.

A sample Declaration of Intent to Run form is available here.


Under the direction of the Elections Code (which candates are required to read). adopted by RUSA on January 19, 2018, the Elections Committee has to distribute the following Appendices regarding the DOI Elections Appendix E and obligations  of RUSA members: elections appendix d

Fall2018 Election Budget Sheet is format finance disclosure Excel form. (Keep in mind that candidates are also required to keep receipts of all expenditures and submit them along with this disclosure form).



Alex Anderson
Chair, RUSA Fall 2018 Elections Committee