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Off Campus Senator


Meet    Patel    UnScrew RU

Dear Members of the Rutgers Community, As a student at Rutgers University, I’ve learned many core values that are not only going to help me become a better person, but also become an outstanding leader. From every student to every faculty member at Rutgers, I’ve learned something new and motivational each and everyday here. Each of you have an awe inspiring life journey filled with excitement. And as we step into a new year, I would like to lead it with your support. If elected, I will continue to strive for better opportunities for our student body.I will also increase our involvement in more fundraisers and other projects so our school stands out to be at its best. I will work with organizations both the university and locally to create a new channel of spirit for our school. I will also work to improve and advocate for social activism, CAPS, and VPVA through increased promoted initiatives. I will also work with my counterparts to end the stigma behind mental health and sexual violence. Over the next few days, you have a choice to make. Not just between people. It’s a choice between very different plans for our school. And today, I believe that you can contribute your support by voting for me as your Off Campus Senator to UnScrew RU .And as always, Go Scarlet Knights.


Benjamin         Slovin  uKnighted

Hello Everybody!! I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Off-Campus Senator in
this year’s upcoming RUSA election. Prior to this election, I have devoted an immense amount
of time to serving the needs of my faith community, my town, the city of Camden, the city of
New Brunswick, and the Rutgers community. This past summer, I had the incredible
opportunity of interning at the district office of my local Congressman, Donald Norcross, where I
gained fruitful experience in addressing the concerns and everyday problems of the
Congressman’s constituents. Like the Congressman’s constituents, I will work tirelessly as a
Senator, alongside President Jessica Tuazon, Vice President Seth Wasserman, Treasurer Manish
Arora, and other fellow members on the uKnighted ticket to further a multitude of causes,
especially Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health. We are committed to doing whatever is
necessary to assist the Rutgers community and to ensure that your voices are echoed throughout
RUSA’s meetings. If you wish to consult any further information regarding uKnighted’s
platform, please do not hesitate to use this link to see our website: as well as our Facebook page