Off Campus

Off Campus At-large Representative

Ramsey Abdeljaber (UnScrew RU)

My name is Ramsey Abdeljaber and I’m a senior here at Rutgers. As a part of Students for Justice in Palestine, I assisted in the organization of the No Ban No Wall Protest that took place earlier this year. I’m also a part of the Rutgers Commuter Students Association and RU progressive. Today I announce my candidacy as Off Campus At-Large Representative on the UnScrew RU ticket. I hope to provide a voice for students who live off-campus and those who commute because everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. Join us in our fight to end sexual violence on campus, remove the stigma that surrounds mental health, and advocate for the rights of our campus activists. If we work together, we will make progress towards eliminating the RU Screw!

Austin Altman

It’s time to make a difference. Off campus students need a strong voice and a strong representing them and their interest in RUSA. I ask of you to let me, Austin Altman, be that strong voice representing your interests.

Stephen Christos

My fellow Rutgers Students,My name is Steve and I am running to be your Off Campus Representative. Our society is living in a very tumultuous political climate. Tensions are rising as our nation becomes more divided on political issues. My goal as your representative is to bridge this political divide by cultivating an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance for people of ALL backgrounds and political beliefs and to build a stronger more unified student community. Together we will make this a reality.

Angelica Flores-Valencia

Hello! My name is Angelica Flores-Valencia and I am running as the Off-Campus At-Large Representative for the Class of 2019 of the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA). I transferred from community college and am currently a Junior double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. I have had the privilege of being involved in my previous college’s student government as the Vice-President advocating on the behalf of the students, building inclusivity, and promoting change. Through this experience, I have gained the knowledge and appreciation of representing students and I hope to bring all that I learned to Rutgers. Now, as a Scarlet Knight, it is my personal mission to begin advocating for the students at RU, more specifically, those residing off-campus. I hope to develop a more inclusive environment for these students, an environment where students feel safer and welcomed, especially at night when walking home. I hope to bring to the attention of the student assembly and the university their concerns and requests, which sometimes can get lost in the crowd. Lastly, I hope to allow them better access to information and insight that will benefit them and enhance their experience as an RU student. As the Off-Campus At-Large Representative, I can promise you that I will devote my time and energy into making sure every one of the off-campus residents’ voices are heard. Living off-campus myself has helped me realized the difficulties and beauties of it and I hope to share that with RUSA and also continue to learn more from my fellow off-campus residents.

Kevin Gao

Hi! My name is Kevin Gao and I’m a sophomore in the Rutgers Business School majoring in finance. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to run for your off campus at-large representative! I love being involved at Rutgers, and I’m currently on the marketing committee of Rutgers Enactus, Social Chair of the Chinese Student Organization, and an athlete on the Men’s Crew team. If you couldn’t tell, I owe a lot to the community here and joining RUSA is my way of kicking my involvement up a notch and being able to give back to everybody. There are big issues to tackle on campus, and my experiences within the community allow me to relate to all of them, regardless of whether it’s about practical issues like hosting more involvement events, or more personal issues like mental health awareness and battling rape culture. I want to be the one to listen, but more importantly, I want to be the one to act on what you guys say and make a change on campus. With every vote, I can promise I won’t let you down as your off campus representative!

Kyle Gordon

I believe in this school. I believe in working together for something great. And I believe I will represent all my constituents to better their experience here at Rutgers.

Brian Jun (Bring Back The Alley)

Hello, my name is Brian Jun and I would be ecstatic to serve the Rutgers community. As a transfer student I was very nervous about transitioning to a new school. But after a couple weeks in the first semester, I knew Rutgers was my home. Because I was transfer student I unfortunately did not get to experience the Alley. I only heard of stories of how great the Alley was. Due to that reason, I will fight endlessly to obtain The Alley back. GO RU!!

Evan Koslowski (Bring Back The Alley)

HI, my name is Evan Koslowski and I am elated to be running to serve the Rutgers Community in RUSA this upcoming year! I found home in this college town and I love this place with all my heart. If I am elected, I will work endlessly to make Rutgers a better place than I found it. I will fight to have every students voice heard at this university. An issue that I will strive is for the return of the Alley. It was once a place where students could prepare and get excited for the Rutgers Football Games, before it was tragically taken away. I am going to be resilient in bringing back a place that unified the entire student body. Vote for me to help bring back the Alley, and make Rutgers the best university it can be!

Martin Lagoduke (Bring Back The Alley)

Hi my name is Martin Lagoduke and I am currently a junior that is interested in running for RUSA. Rutgers has been such a huge part of my life the past 2 years and I want to make sure every student has the same experience I’ve had. If elected, my goal is to do everything in my power to make Rutgers a better place for those who attend it now and in the future. One of the main issues that I plan on combating is to bring a return to The Alley. The Alley provided a safe and fun way for students to be involved in athletics at Rutgers. Vote for me if you have yet to experience The Alley or miss it and help Rutgers once again become great!

Nick Lelchitsky

Representing commuters and off campus students alike – a year of experience in both, knowing what matters.

Jacob A. Miller

To Rutgers Commuters and Non-residents: You know as well as I do that we aren’t “oppressed” by the students that live on campus. I REFUSE to be a sensationalist and fear monger you into believing that our collective voice is “drowned out” by the majority — it simply isn’t. My campaign as an Off-campus Student Representative functions off the premise that Non-residents of Rutgers should maintain the healthy relationship with On-campus Students that ALREADY EXISTS. However, if that relationship is ever challenged–for whatever reason–you can count on me to set things right for you in the Student Assembly. This ties into my goal for Rutgers as a whole: Promoting an intellectual environment devoted to keeping our University a place conducive to learning new ideas, and challenging old ones. This should always be done in a way that is respectful and beneficial to ALL. Thank you, Jacob A. Miller

Chinmayi Mungara

A Rookie, Tenderfoot, Amateur–you name it.But, I Am The Choice That Will Definitely Be Your VOICE.Vote for CHINMAYI as your Off campus Rep!

Disha Patel (Knights)

Hi! I am a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering! I currently commute and understand the needs and concerns of other commuter and off campus students. I want to be part of the student government to give a greater voice to those of us that do not necessarily live at Rutgers but still consider it a home. It would be an honor to serve the Rutgers student body! I appreciate your support in the election process!

Brandon rodrigueZ

Hi Everyone!My name is Brandon Rodriguez, I am a Transfer Student out of Middlesex County College. My major is Exercise Science, and some fun facts about myself is that I have a 2 year background in College Assembly at Middlesex and i was also a student leader at Middlesex in many ways. I Founded and hosted the Believe Tonight Movement and Walk, The walk is to inspire the victims of Leukemia and many other cancers to see that there are many people who will have their backs and will be able to donate towards the cause. The Walk took place at Middlesex and till this day Middlesex Supports my efforts as they also featured me in a Alumni Video where i talk about myself and how Believe Tonight was founded. I love giving back to my community and i feel as if the college assembly or Student Assembly will do just that. If there’s anything i learned from middlesex county college that i would like to bring to the Rutgers assembly it would be this; “I Inspire You, You Inspire Me”.The Links to the Alumni Video Can be Found Here: Link to the Walk Can be Found Here:

Paveena Sachdeva (UnScrew RU)

Rutgers University is a place many of us can proudly call home. However, there are many inconveniences we all face which have lovingly been given the title of “RU Screw.” My goal is to do my best to eliminate (if not minimize) these problems quickly and effectively. In addition to this, I want to be able to establish a healthy dialogue between the school and all student organizations to be able to discuss major issues surrounding us students and the world around us. Furthermore, I want to make sure valuable student resources such as CAPS and the VPVA are accessible to all, while placing a great emphasis on the destigmatization of mental health and sexual violence among the student body. College is a time where many of us grow, change, and evolve as individuals, and I want to help Rutgers become more inclusive to the needs of its student body as well as the environment surrounding it.

Julius Solatorio (UnScrew RU)

Let’s make things cheaper!

Seth Wasserman (Bring Back The Alley)

Hi, my name is Seth Wasserman and I am proud to be running to serve the Rutgers Community in RUSA again this year! Rutgers is a second home to me- and I love this place with all my heart. If elected, I will fight to represent all, and work tirelessly to make Rutgers even better than it is today. A main issue I will fight for is the return of the Alley. The Alley was once a fun and inclusive tradition at Rutgers, and it was taken away. I am not going to give up on it, and neither should you! Vote for me to bring back the Alley, and make Rutgers the best it can be!

Amina Zaidi (UnScrew RU)

Breaking barriers is my passion. We must stand united to face the challenges of the current American administration and all barriers that hurt millennials. Unity is greatest strength and we must utilize it. I will fight to have every voice heard on issues such as social inequality, mental health awareness, and social justice for minorities.

George A Zapata (UnScrew RU)

As an Off Campus At-Large Representative, I will work to ensure that Rutgers not only takes care of our off campus and commuter students, but provides them with every tool necessary to promote safety while traveling and inclusion with the other campus.