Spring 2018 Busch Campus Candidates

Busch Campus Representative for the class of 2019


Adanna           IhenachoUnScrew RU

The phrase “ru screwed” is known to a majority of Rutgers students when faced with an unfavorable situation (to say the least). We seek to unscrew the RU!


Ali       Pasha   One Rutgers

My name is Ali Pasha, and I am currently a junior at Rutgers University majoring in Economics and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I currently hold a positions for Busch Campus Representative At-Large. I am also part of the executive board for Rutgers UNICEF and a member of the Scarlet Honor Council. Through my time at Rutgers, I have been able to see the many different backgrounds that people come from, whether it is ethnic, economic, education, etc. What all of these people have in common is that every single student at this university is trying to achieve their goals, whether it be getting their dream job, helping others in need, or simply just getting good grades. Every single one of these students deserves people that will fight for improving their time here at Rutgers, and I intend to be one of those people. As Busch Campus Representative, I have already worked on several different initiatives to improve the overall campus, as well as academic-based initiatives to improve the student experience across the university. I plan on continuing to work on initiatives that will bring positive change here at Rutgers, so that we can all enjoy our time here as much as possible.


Busch Campus Representative for the class of 2020


Bridget            Savage Rutgers United

I am a member of the Honors College Class of 2020, double majoring in Cognitive Science and Political Science and double minoring in Computer Science and International and Global Studies. Outside of my time at Rutgers, I’m politically active in a number of ways. Campaigns are my favorite, having worked on three successful but nerve-wracking underdog races. Because of my multiple majors and minors, I am on almost every campus every day. However, last year I had many of my classes on Busch and this year I live there. I know Busch from top to bottom, including all the best places to study on game days so you can still hear the game, even if you have a big paper to write. As Busch’s Class of 2020 Campus Representative, I will make sure our voices are heard since I know we are often forgotten. Safety on campus is my number one priority, whether that be a sense of security walking around at night, prevention and victim assistance of sexual violence, or just more lights so cars can see you crossing the street. I am proud to be a part of the Rutgers United team!


Mohamad Omar          Ani      uKnighted

I am delighted to declare my candidacy for Busch Campus 2020 Representative as part of the uKnighted ticket. I currently serve as the Busch Residential Council Director, and I hope to continue advocating for Busch Campus through this position with RUSA in the upcoming year. In the past year, I have been working with Busch Residential Council on planning campus wide programs that focus on inclusion, advocacy, and community development. As part of the uKnighted ticket, I will be working with Jessica Tuazon (President), Seth Wasserman (Vice President), and Manish Arora (Treasurer) to improve Rutgers and represent the students. Some of the changes that I plan to bring forth include improving the lighting and public safety on Busch Campus, offer accessible academic and mental health resources, and advocate for developments to the infrastructure on Busch Campus.


Mausam           Shah    UnScrew RU

I have decided to run for this position to become the voice of in-state, out of state, and most importantly, international students here at Rutgers. Together, we can make an impact. Let’s work together, understand each other, appreciate each other, and help each other. We will make this the best home away from home possible!


Aditya Shastri One Rutgers

I am running for RUSA because I believe the student body deserves a fresh perspective. Coming from a background of computer science and business, I understand how many students don’t feel involved or represented by our student government. With this in mind, I want to improve RUSA’s engagement with students so that it can better respond to their needs. One other improvement RUSA can make is helping develop a portal that exhibits all the resources Rutgers has to offer. This portal will, for example, will bring important resources for mental health and sexual assault treatment to one place. Thank you for your vote, and I look forward to representing you next year!


Busch Campus Representative for the class of 2021


Anjalee            Amin   uKnighted

Friends, family, and members of the Rutgers community: I am excited to announce my candidacy for this year’s RUSA elections! I am running with the uKnighted ticket to be the newest Busch Representative for the Class of 2021. I am proud to be a part of the uKnighted ticket, a group of hardworking individuals committed to confronting three primary issues facing Rutgers today: the stigma around Mental Health, improving Public Safety, and encouraging inclusion and diversity on campus. In high school, I began my journey into public service participating in student government all 4 years, ending my high school career as Class President. Additionally, I am honored to have served as President of Peer Leaders, the Editor In-Chief of the yearbook, the Captain of Mock Trial, the President of Students Against Destructive Decisions and as one of the Representatives at the 2016 National Conference in Pittsburgh. My desire to give back to the community only expanded when I came to Rutgers; last semester I was one of only two freshmen selected to join the Association of Indians at Rutgers (AIR). My main goal for AIR was to bring more diversity to our events and show all Rutgers students that they too can be involved and learn more about other cultures; this integration of cultures is something I am very passionate about, and an attitude I want to spread in the Student Body. I am also especially passionate about inclusivity, and hope to work to bring the Rutgers community together. In high school, I led a civil rights movement demanding the resignation of a board of education member who was making discriminatory comments on social media against African Americans and Muslims. I will keep this watchful eye out for social injustice during my time in the Assembly. Along with me, I highly encourage you vote for our ticket’s top 3 candidates: Jessica Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President, and Manish Arora for Treasurer. I look forward to working with this team and with you, the Rutgers community, to make Rutgers a better place for everyone. Thank you, and please don’t forget to like and share our facebook page: facebook.com/uKnighted2018/ as well as check out our website: http://www.voteuknighted.com.


Sahil    Shah    UnScrew RU  

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible” -Francis of Assisi


Gautham         Roni    One Rutgers

Hello Rutgers! My name is Gautham Roni, and I’m pursuing a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering with intended minors in Computer Science and Psychology. I’m excited to announce that I will be running for the Busch Campus 2021 Representative position. Having lived in the shoddy Barr Hall for my freshman experience, I was initially taken aback by all the maintenance issues that should not be included with a $28,000 tuition. You’ll also hear me complain about the $250 anti-theft fee that comes with the meal plan, when in reality, no one is trying to steal plastic grilled chicken from Busch Dining Hall. Despite my grievances with the campus, I have a special attachment to Busch for one important reason – the people. I’ve met some of the most influential figures in this community, and I want to give back to them and improve their campus experience. Having served as a Residence Hall Association secretary for Barr Hall, I took the first step by trying to create a better environment for my fellow residents. Now, I’d like to extend the organizational and leadership skills I’ve picked up to represent Busch as a whole. There’s still a long way to go before Busch becomes as pristine as it should be, and while I’d like to tackle issues with affordability and transportation, I want to especially bring up the lack of mental health services available to students on campus. As a STEM major, I know how overwhelming the workload can be sometimes in conjunction with any personal baggage. I’ve had a rough transition from high school to college, and I want to make sure my peers have the mental fortitude to persevere through any challenges, whether it be academic or personal. Guys, I know Busch is a quirky campus. It’s characterized by geese droppings and a dining hall that pales in comparison to Brower; however, I hope that Busch still has a special place in your heart as it does for me, and that we can work together to make it a better place.


Busch Senator


Neeharika        Thuravil           UnScrew RU

Throughout my time at Rutgers, I’ve been committed to creating positive, tangible change. My first year, it was through activist organizations and volunteering to teach elementary school students in New Brunswick. My second year, it transcended to student government. As a current Busch-At-Large representative, I’ve worked on several initiatives, which include creating a free textbook database for popular classes and consolidating learning management systems in an attempt to reduce course support fees. In entering the University Senate, I will carry with me what I’ve learned in the last many months about serving the student population in the best way I possibly can, and put those lessons to good use in fighting for what’s right.I aspire to work on reducing tuition; paying $14000+ a year (in-state) is absolutely ridiculous for a state university education. I hope to increase transparency in university spending and budgeting. I will work to create a university governing system of students, by students, and for students. It’s time to take back our university from the hands of those who wish to profit off of us. It’s time for us to stand up and let the administration know we are not happy with the way things are being run. It’s time for us to reclaim our voice and establish it as a permanent feature in the workings of the university, and I am deeply passionate about being that collective voice and representing all of you.I, along with the rest of my ticket, will work to truly UnScrew RU.
In solidarity,


Amit    Nitin

Hey everyone, I am proud to announce my candidacy for this year’s RUSA elections with UKnighted!!!

Our ticket’s primary focal points are Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health. I am just as concerned of a student as the rest of you, which is why I would love nothing more than to represent you in this year’s student assembly. I am very interested in public health and the wellbeing of all Rutgers University students, which is why this means so much to me.

In addition to voting for me, I highly encourage you to vote for our ticket’s top 3 candidates, Jess Tuazon for President, Seth Wasseman for Vice President, and Manish Arora for Treasurer. I look forward to serving you and the RU community.

Thank you and don’t forget to like our facebookpage !!!


Veenay            Komaragiri      One Rutgers

My time at Rutgers has been marked by a love of people. Coming into this large university as a freshman was daunting, but I knew my purpose would be to serve as many people as I could from the beginning. From acting as a Writing Instructor at the Plangere Writing Center, to participating in case competitions dealing with improving policy issues in our local community, I understood that being a student at this institution comes with a certain code of humanity. It is a privilege for each of us to give voice to those who can’t speak for themselves- whether it be in the realm of mental health, public safety, or economic stability. I think being a representative in a role such as this requires a certain degree of humility. I know, should I be elected, my purview and vision alone is far too narrow to bring about real change. However, I am certain that I would be able to honestly exercise fidelity to that code of humanity we all strive for. I, along with the One Rutgers ticket, understand that this election is not about us as candidates- it is about Rutgers as one community. The great Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was correct in saying that the moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice; but it wont get there without our push, our vote, and our voice.
Veenay Komaragiri


Alina   Khan   Rutgers United

Hi! My name is Alina Khan and I am a sophomore here at Rutgers majoring in Psychology and Public Health. As a Psychology and Public Health major, the mental health issues around campus are extremely important to me and ending mental health stigmas is something I am passionate about. I believe Rutgers United will bring mental health to the forefront along with other crucial issues such as ending sexual violence and promoting diversity. As your Busch Senator, I would like to play a major role in making these impactful ideas become a reality here at Rutgers.