Spring 2018 Candidates for President



Suzanne           Link     One Rutgers

Hi everyone! It is with great excitement that I announce my candidacy for President of the Rutgers University Student Body! This year, I’ve had the distinct honor of serving as RUSA Legislative Affairs Chair, working directly with local, state, and federal government officials on the issues students care about. Some of the initiatives I have taken on include implementing the funding of full year Pell Grants into the Congressional Budget, addressing water quality concerns, and securing a student-voting seat on the Rutgers Board of Governors. Our student body deserves leadership that will prioritize efforts to improve the affordability of student expenses, ensure better access to mental health services, and keep our campus safe. I am committed to developing resources to improve the bus system and uniting unique groups of students to create a more inclusive community. And by the way, even though our federal government doesn’t recognize rape culture, it exists and we need to end it at Rutgers.Over the coming weeks, I will be talking to you about my specific ideas to address all of the issues I mentioned, and I’d love to hear your feedback as well. It takes all of us to make Rutgers everything we want it to be and I hope to have your support in this journey towards securing passionate, dedicated, honest, and strong leadership, representing the undergraduate student body.


Jessica Tuazon            uKnighted

Hi everyone! I am honored and humbled to be running for President of the Rutgers University Student Assembly! Alongside my friend and ally in all things, Vice Presidential candidate Seth Wasserman, and the incredible and fantastic Manish Arora, for Treasurer, we are proud to lead the uKnighted ticket towards creating positive change and growth at Rutgers.

We will bring enthusiasm and experience to the office of the presidency, as well as a ticket full of passionate members, eager to serve the Rutgers community. Scarlet pride is extremely important for a meaningful student experience, which is why we fight for Mental Health Awareness, Inclusion, and Promoting Public Safety at the University. With your vote, we can make these dreams a reality!

It is us, the students, who make Rutgers a unique and wonderful place. It is us who will pave a path forward towards a uKnighted future. Please feel free to view our website and platform at http://www.voteuknighted.com/ and like our Facebook page at facebook.com/uknighted2018!


Vladimir          Carrasco          Rutgers United

The beaming Dominican sun beat the barrio with its rays. The heat floated off the asphalt, making it one of those unbearable days. I remember a homeless man walked up to our door and asked for a glass of water. My mother invited him in and offered him a plate of food and conversation. After he left, my mother turned to me and said “Ah bien sin mirar a queen.” Meaning do good without any restrictions. The values instilled in me by the strong and independent women of my family have guided me through life and fueled my passion for service. I have used this passion to work to end sexual violence with Rutgers NO MORE and SCREAM Theatre. I have vehemently advocated for diversity through the Cultural Competence Coalition. I have fought for immigrant rights and the protection of undocumented students with the Latino Student Council and UndocuRutgers. I have fought for student workers with RUSAS and Rutgers One. Through my time on the banks, I have dedicated myself to the service and betterment of our community. I seek to continue this service as your President, along with the Rutgers United team. Together we will work to end sexual violence, end mental health stigmas and diversity & inclusion.


Adeel  Ahmed            UnScrew RU

Dear Students of Rutgers University,I have always wanted to get involved with student government since senior year of high school, a time where I held the position of student council treasurer. However, what really drove me was my passion to enact change and ability to get others to stand up. That passion was revealed to me two years ago, Freshman year at Rutgers, when Bernie Sanders ran for president. He inspired me to realize my potential and helped me see that true power is vested within the people, which is what RUSA needs now more than ever the power of the students. During the spring of my Freshman year, I got involved in RUSA and ran on the ticket Scarlet Knights for You (SKY). That election changed my life, leading me to get involved with the Rutgers Commuter Student Association (RCSA) where I then became the RUSA Rep. of RCSA.In the Fall 2016 election, I ran a ticket called RU Progressive, a team of 12 people fighting for a vision of student unity and advocacy. After 75% of my ticket won, I realized that it was no longer about me being just a member of RUSA anymore, it’s about me being a leader and having people looking up to me. Although that experience provoked the thought of being a student leader, it was only the beginning of what was yet to come. The journey continued in RUSA, where we were updating the Constitution and an amendment was made to take away voting rights of special population organizations like RCSA, RHA, Asian Student Council, ROTC, LGBTQ Caucus, etc. I organized over 30 voting RUSA members to combat this ridiculous amendment through debate, coalescing organizations, etc. And so after all the organizing, we won the fight against the amendment. After that is when I had decided that enough is enough, in RUSA it has to be ensured that it serves to represent the student body through the vision of uniting with student organizations to solve the major issues. Last year this even drove me to run for Vice President of RUSA. And despite losing, I did not stop and kept on pressing forward. It is because, in the end of the day, the issues facing the student body shall always exist. I realized the necessity of this vision for student unity as I was one of the primary organizers and speakers for the Rutgers No Ban No Wall March against Donald Trump’s policies, a march that had a turnout of over 1200 students. When I organized the march with others, it was successful in getting President Barchi to sign the letter against Trump’s travel ban, not because there were just Muslims there, but because everyone Black, Latino, Asian, White, LGBTQ, etc all stood in solidarity. We need to do the same with the major issues, which is why as the Chairman of the RUSA Civic Engagement & Voter Registration Task Force, I worked with organizations of every political belief including RU Progressive, Rutgers Republicans, Rutgers Democrats, Rutgers Conservative Union, Rutgers Young Greens, Young American for Liberty, and many others. I believe we should put our political differences aside and come together to solve the major issues that matter, like boosting voter turnout. The same action is what RUSA generally needs to do in the aspect of working with other organizations in order to solve the major issues. These issues include ending the stigma on Mental Health, raising awareness on Sexual Violence and working to end rape culture, and organize to ensure that RUSA works with the student governments of Rutgers New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden to put an end to the updated protest policy by the Board of Governors which makes it vague about what is or not prohibited in social activism, and fighting for the little things the average student has to face. Unlike other candidates I walk the walk rather than talk the talk as being a member of the University Senate, I worked closely with senators of Rutgers Newark and Rutgers Camden to see how we can improve communication and establish unity in a university level. At the end of the day, the administration does not listen to simply one student, but rather hundreds and thousands of students coming together. This is why solidarity is the most powerful strength a student body can have and that is what our ticket is based on. This is why solidarity is the most vital asset that our student body can depend on, and what our ticket is built on. With all that being said, I am proud to announce that I, Adeel Ahmed, am running to serve you as your student body President. Together we will fight to bring face the major issues and ensure that we put an end to the RU Screw that has been facing Rutgers for way too long.

In Solidarity,

Adeel Ahmed

Candidate for President of RUSA

UnScrew RU




Experiences: RU Progressive- Co-President RUSA Civic Engagement & Voter Registration Task Force- ChairmanRUSA Off-Campus Caucus- Former ChairmanRutgers Commuter Student Association (RCSA)- Senior Initiatives ChairmanAhlul-Bayt Student Association- MemberMuslim Public Relations Council- Former TreasurerRutgers One Coalition- MemberUnited Students Against Sweatshops- MemberRutgers University Senate- Senator for the School of the Arts and Sciences