Spring 2018 Candidates for Treasurer



Manish            Arora   uKnighted

Hey everyone! I am so honored and excited to announce my candidacy for Treasurer of the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA)!


Ever since high school, I have always wanted to get involved with student government where I held the position of Class President. Entering such a large school of 40,000 students like Rutgers coming from my STEM high school of fewer than 300 students, it was easy to be overwhelmed. I first channeled my leadership efforts of being the treasurer for Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, the Association of Indians at Rutgers, and Rutgers Hult Prize, but now I have decided to make more of an impact on Rutgers as a whole via student body treasurer. I am proud to be running with the organized and brilliant engineer, Jess Tuazon, for President and the sharp and determined Vice Presidential candidate, Seth Wasserman, as well as the rest of our diverse and passionate ticket. We are excited to lead the uKnighted ticket towards an even more positive culture and increasing the growth at Rutgers by focusing on public safety, inclusion, and mental health awareness.


I strongly encourage all Rutgers students to vote for us! Please check out our platform at http://www.voteuknighted.com/ and like our Facebook page at facebook.com/uKnighted2018/!


Ke       Meng   UnScrew RU

Hello Everyone,For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Eryn, and I am a rising senior double majoring in Management and Business Analytics and Information Technology, which is commonly known as BAIT. Today I am announcing my candidacy for treasurer of the Rutgers University Student Assembly. It is my intent to offer actionable solutions to solve the complex student issues on campus today from health and wellness to academic support and student affairs.As a previous international student orientation volunteer, I have been involved in various activities aiming to help international students be more engaged on campus. Since the fall of 2017, I have been also served as vice president of Rutgers Global Network, which is an organization aimed at bringing study abroad experiences to Rutgers for my peers. We have been engaging the University’s student population in cultural programs to foster an inclusive environment for all students from various backgrounds.My previous experience makes me realize that international students are still far from engaged in the community. Rutgers has made a huge impact in improving its diversity, but there seems to be a gap between the school resources and its students. I found that there are still opportunities left undiscovered. Now I want both domestic and international students to gain access to them. As a rising senior, I want to give international students a voice in the Rutgers University Student Assembly because there are unique issues that only affect the international student body. Not only do I want to represent international students, but I also want to represent local students. I want us all to be treated as “œfull participants” here, on the college campus, at Rutgers. That’s why I decided to run for Treasurer.I am so proud to be a part of Unscrewed RU, along with my running mates Adeel Ahmed, running for president, and Nimra Jaqob, running for Vice President. Adeel, who shares our concerns for major issues on campus, has consistently advocated for the rights and benefits of students. Nimra, who has rich experience in working with RUSA, is working hard for more recognition and inclusion in the university. I am pleased and honored to work with these talented members, fighting against for a more inclusive campus for every student. We are ready to make a change. Thank you very much!In Solidarity,Ke Meng (Eryn)Candidate for TreasurerUnScrew RU


Priti     Kantesaria       One Rutgers

Hello! I’m Priti Kantesaria and I’m super excited to be running for Treasurer position in RUSA! I am currently a sophomore majoring Industrial and Systems Engineering and minoring in Business Administration. I am very involved in the Engineering Governing Council (EGC); I redesigned and planned Engineers Week at Rutgers for the last 2 years, in addition to several other events. I am also the Tanzania Project Lead in Engineers Without Borders and Fundraising Chair of the Institute for Industrial and Systems Engineers, both of which have prepared me for further leadership roles. I also run the social media accounts for Rutgers NO MORE and reach out to clubs and organizations to schedule “Conversations” that allow students to learn more about sexual assault on college campuses and how it affects them. As a member of RUSA, I hope to further work on programs and legislative changes that address sexual violence at Rutgers and on college campuses all over. Additionally, I hope to expedite the funding process for societies and implement the recent bill regarding bystander intervention training based on funding. After serving on the Finance Committee of EGC, I have a background in funding societies, and I plan on bringing over some of the processes that have served us well. Overall, I hope to use my varied experience as an engineer and as an active member and advocate of the Rutgers community to work on funding processes that benefit organizations and programs that make a positive change at our university. I would be my honor to serve as your treasurer and help build a better Rutgers community!


Sauda              Meah   Rutgers United

Coming from a densely diverse area, Paterson, NJ, I’ve grown up with heavy exposure to different backgrounds, ethnicities, and mindsets. This means growing up seeing the positive and negative reactions and aspects of living in a diverse environment. I consider myself a trailblazer; I aim to break down barriers and stereotypes and spread awareness, especially in the politically tense environment that we live in today. Since joining the Rutgers community, I’ve spread my influence at iSAY (Inspiring South Asian Youth), where we work to fundraise, spread awareness, and create a safe space for students and kids of different South Asian backgrounds. Being a Resident Assistant, I’ve helped first-years and students of all ages adjust to a new space and welcome one another’s differences. I want to bring this leadership and teach acceptance to a larger audience at RUSA. I plan to work as Treasurer with my ticket, Rutgers United, to implement inclusion and an open mind among more students at Rutgers.