Spring 2018 Candidates for Vice President



Seth     Wasserman      uKnighted

Hey everybody!

My name is Seth Wasserman, and I am excited to be running for Vice President of the Rutgers University Student Assembly!


During my time in the Assembly, I have promoted Transparency, College Affordability, and Inclusivity at Rutgers. It is the mission of all members of the uKnighted ticket to promote Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health Awareness on campus. Alongside Presidential candidate Jessica Tuazon, Manish Arora for Treasurer, and my enthusiastic fellow ticket members, uKnighted will work to improve student life at Rutgers for everyone!


Want to know how? Check out our platform athttp://www.voteuknighted.com/ and like our Facebook page at facebook.com/uKnighted2018/!


Nimra  Jaqob   UnScrew RU

With the love and encouragement of my family and friends, I have decided to run for Vice President of Rutgers University Student Assembly. I want to be a voice for the Rutgers student body and hold each student to an equal and just representation. There are a lot of voices out there that are not heard, and plenty of issues go unnoticed. My ticket, UnScrew RU, and I want to create a more inclusive environment in which every student can feel welcomed to discuss their journey here at Rutgers. We want to know how we can help and be of service to the Rutgers body. Rutgers University has provided some of the best academic years for me. This university has truly worked hard to provide its students with the utmost. However, this doesn’t undermine the fact that there is also plenty more that can and should be done. I want to see every student here at Rutgers have a great and even better experience. This can only be done with the support of all of you! Let’s do this!To learn more about our campaign, check out: https://unscrewru.comfacebook.com/UnScRUtwitter.com/UnScrewRUinstagram.com/unscrewru


Jessica Resnick           Rutgers United

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to help people in any way that I could. Growing up in a white middle class family in a diverse town I have seen how much privilege I have in this world. I want to dedicate my life to making meaningful policy that benefits everyone in society, one of the main reasons as to why I want to be your Vice President. Being able to oversee committees and having a large impact on the policies that the university adopts, would be an honor and a dream of mine. As your Vice President I want to focus on important issues that affect the university community. I will devote myself to spreading sexual violence awareness and ending rape culture on our campus. As a trained advocate for VPVA this is an issue I am extremely passionate about. I hope to involve more organizations to create a coalition to end rape culture on campus because this is an issue that the student government cannot do alone. One of my goals is to involve the Legislative Affairs Committee to lobby Congress and State legislature to pass legislations that gives victims resources, mandates sexual violence education from primary school to college, and stricter laws against perpetrators. Another passion of mine is advocating for mental health awareness and services. This past year we have lost too many students too soon and have not had a campus wide discussion surrounding mental health. I want to create roundtable discussions that incorporate different minority groups to have an intersectional perspective on the discussion. I want to work with the university to mandate all syllabi to include the CAPS and VPVA resources available to students and have professors speak openly of those resources at the beginning of every semester. I am also passionate about diversity and inclusion, from my two years in RUSA I have seen a lack of representation from many population here at Rutgers. As Vice President I want to open up the paths to get involved in RUSA so we can develop comprehensive policy. It has been my dream for years to help people in anyway I can, my passion for this university and the students here will make me determined to make Rutgers the amazing and inclusive institution that it can be.


Jaidev  Phadke            One Rutgers

At Rutgers, I have the privilege of meeting new, amazing people every day. Some are motivated to build revolutionary technologies upon graduation. Others are focused on preparing themselves for a stable job. A chunk of students sacrifice their social lives for important reasons, such as financing their educations or waking up before dawn for ROTC. All of these students inspire me, and every one of them deserves a positive college experience. Therefore, my passion and purpose as a candidate for Vice President of RUSA is to improve the student experience according to your demands. This begins with tackling the issues that plague us all, and strengthening the resources we all rely on. For example, under this cause, I aim to reevaluate the mental health resources on campus, and develop new measures to ensure public safety off-campus. Overall, my goal is to make your costly college investment as valuable and fruitful as possible.