Spring 2018 College Avenue Campus Candidates

College Avenue Campus Representative for the class of 2019


Shriya  Brahme            uKnighted

Hi everyone! I would like to announce my candidacy for RUSA College Ave Representative for the Class of 2019. I will be running on the uKnighted ticket. Our ticket’s main focal points will be Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health Awareness. I currently work for Rutgers Digital Classroom Services, and am a member of Association of Indians at Rutgers, and part of the Rutgers University Powerlifting team, and Eta Sigma Gamma, the national Health Science/Education honor society. I would encourage you to vote for your ticket’s top 3 candidates, Jess Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President, and Manish Arora for Treasurer to lead Rutgers into a year of growth and change.
Thanks for listening and please give us like on Facebook J
Facebook: facebook.com/uKnighted2018/
Website: http://www.voteuknighted.com/


Troy     Chambliss        One Rutgers

Hey everyone! My name is Troy Chambliss and I’m happy to announce that I am running for the position of College Ave Off Campus Representative for the Class of 2019. I plan on advocating for the EOF and Pell Grant programs for low income students such as myself. I also want to help address the lack of availability for mental health services for students because I understand the transition into the university can be a challenging process for many individuals. I want to be the voice for my community here and I hope with your support i can do that for the following school year.


Kumail            Alzaidi            UnScrew RU

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it” — Moliere


Sara     Bailey  One Rutgers

Hi friends! My name is Sara Bailey and I’m running with the hopes to be elected as the College Avenue Class of 2019 Representative. I have always been a believer that good heath is essential for living and learning. I ran in the previous election to help bring free sanitary pads and tampons on all campuses. Throughout my current term as the Douglass At-large Representative. I have been working alongside other Rutgers students to have the project completed in the coming weeks. In addition, I am working on initiatives to promote campus safety on Douglass and to promote good health for everyone. I will continue to bring my dedication and passion to RUSA alongside the One Rutgers team. We plan to create a more positive and inclusive space at the university by tackling issues students care about.



College Avenue Campus Representative for the class of 2020


Mario   Carbajal           uKnighted

Hey everyone, I am proud to announce my candidacy for the RUSA’s elections with
Our ticket’s focal points are to improve Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health awareness
on campus. This university has been my home for the past two years and I have been part of
RUSA for the past year. I am proud to be apart of an organization that is helping to make strides
at Rutgers University, yet there is much work to be done. Similarly to most of you, I am a
concerned student and see room for improvement for our campus. The Rutgers community is in
need of change and that is what I am planning on doing as the College Ave 2020 Representative.
College Avenue is home to various resources that are crucial to the student body, but aren’t
utilized as frequently. My goal is to fight for the normalization of mental health discussions and
the use of CAPS as the first solution, rather than it being the last. I will fight for promotion of
spaces like the Center of Latino Arts and Culture, as well as, the Center for Social Justice
Education and LGTB Communities, as areas that all walks of life are welcomed with open arms
and not solely for those who are Latino or identify as LGTBQ.
This goal isn’t only shared by me. uKnighted is led by passionate and thoughtful student
leaders who inspire me to stand up for my peers. Please vote for Jessica Tuazon as President,
Seth Wasserman as Vice President, and Manish Arora as Treasurer as well as the rest of the
uKnighted team.


Christopher     Roberts            UnScrew RU

Dear Students of Rutgers University,I am excited to announce that I am running for College Avenue Campus Representative for the Class of 2020! I have always wanted to have a say in the governance of this school. I do not have any grandiose promises as I recognize the limitations imposed on the power of a RUSA student representative. But, I have a few ideas.1. Appoint at least two more student representatives to the 15 member Rutgers Board of Governors. As the main beneficiaries of school policy, I think it’s fair to ask that at least 1/3 of those voting on the board are students themselves.2. Bring more transparency to the budgeting process. With a 1.85% increase to the tuition in the 2017-2018 school year, and more increases to come, I think it’s fair to ask that students know exactly where their money is being spent. Students should know every detail about where their fees go to.3. Bring back the men’s swim team. It’s been ten years since the school has had a men’s swim team. This is something that particularly annoyed me about this school having been a swimmer my whole life. How do we have a state of the art facility at Werblin Recreation Center yet there hasn’t been a men’s swim team in ten years?As a RUSA Representative, I can promise you that I will fight for these changes, and that they can be realized with enough strength and mobility among the student leadership and student body themselves.
In Solidarity,
Chris Roberts
Candidate for College Avenue Representative UnScrew RU


Christina          Froelich           One Rutgers

My name is Christina Froelich and I am proud to announce that I am running to be your College Avenue 2020 representative with One Rutgers!   As a transfer student, I am dedicated to finding ways to improve the transition process of becoming a Scarlet Knight. I can bring new ideas and a fresh perspective from two university settings, and will work extremely hard to accommodate the needs of all students on campus. My passion surrounding women’s empowerment has only grown stronger over time. I am currently pursuing the minor Gender and Digital Media, exploring the relationship between women and different mediums of media. This experience has taught me the importance of representation of individuals from different backgrounds in diverse environments. Through my involvement on the Women’s Rugby team, working with an incredible group of women has emphasized the skills of teamwork and collaboration to make our goals realities. One Rutgers is a ticket composed of driven individuals, ready to bring change on our campus through public safety initiatives, catalyzing mental health conversations, and lobbying for affordable education. I urge you to help make a positive impact on our campus and vote One Rutgers!


Leonardo         Rubio  Rutgers United

I am trying to create diversity amongst all the campuses if elected. Diversity is key in order for everything to become closer together. We need to address how different situations are handled on campus.



College Avenue Campus Representative for the class of 2021


Olivia  Martinez          Rutgers United

My name is Olivia Martinez and I’m running for College Ave Campus Representative to end sexual assault and violence, to raise awareness about and fight stigma associated with mental health issues and to increase diversity, as well as tend to issues with diversity on campus, among other things, with Rutgers United. As a minority student, diversity issues are of high importance to me. I believe that each student group at Rutgers, a diverse university, deserves to feel represented and to have equal opportunities.


Caleb   Kuberiet          uKnighted

I am honored to announce my candidacy for the RUSA 2021 Representative for College Avenue Campus with the uKnighted ticket!
Rutgers has shown me the power of unity and student action. In the Residence Hall Association General Assembly, I serve as the Tinsley Hall President to represent my dorm to all of Rutgers. Additionally, I compete with the Rutgers Club Ultimate Frisbee Team. As shown through my involvement, I am an outgoing and competitive student who wants to represent the amazing College Avenue Campus. Through my ticket uKnighted, I will fight for Inclusivity, Mental Health Awareness, and Public Safety.
The passionate leaders of uKnighted, President Jessica Sarah Tuazon, Vice President Seth Wasserman, and Treasurer Manish Arora, are the only leaders who are capable of making Rutgers even better!
Check out our platform at http://www.voteuknighted.com and like our Facebook page at facebook.com/uKnighted2018/ !


Wamia Siddiqui          UnScrew RU

I never knew the RU Screw actually existed… until I tried to get on an LX during rush hour. Luckily, not too much later after that, I learned that there was a way to change things, to make Rutgers a better place for everyone. My first semester serving on RUSA as a College Ave At-Large Representative and on the Health & Wellness Committee taught me that yes, change is possible, but that it cannot be done without a united effort. The UnScrew RU team is here to build bridges, to bring together one of the nation’s most diverse universities to finally accomplish the things everyone likes to say “can’t be done”, like increasing involvement of minority populations, establishing free online textbooks sustainably, making tuition affordable, increasing access to student resources, and maybe even abolishing the pesky RU Screw. Being reelected would enable me to give my all in supporting this movement.
Read more about us at https://unscrewru.com/.


Tilak Bhatnagar         One Rutgers

Over the past year, I have had the honor of serving as your College Ave 2021 Representative and College Ave Caucus Chair. I’ve already worked effectively in RUSA and I know what this exact position entails. I’m completely committed to actively working towards bettering the student experience on College Ave and throughout all of Rutgers. The reason why I can confidently ask to again serve in this position is because if I see something, I do something, inside and outside of RUSA.
Inside RUSA, I’ve worked on transportation issues, campus safety and sustainability. Everyone has to take the campus busses, so I distributed a form for students to specifically voice their concerns about specific busses. Everyone has to walk around campus, but not all parts of campus are sufficiently lit, so I am working to find dark locations on campus where we can install lights to make sure students can feel safe walking around campus at night. Everyone wants a campus and world that is sustainable, so I co-authored a RUSA bill calling on President Barchi to commit to working with RUSA to achieve a goal of 100% clean, renewable energy no later than 2050.
Outside of RUSA, I am training to become an Air Force officer, I am active in state politics and I am organizing students to advocate for gun safety reform. I am training to become an Air Force officer as part of the Air Force ROTC program – ROTC has required me to develop discipline, responsibility and a sense of initiative in everything I do. Through campaign work and internships, I have connections to the Governor’s Office and the State Legislature, which I can leverage to advocate for greater funding for students and for any other issues students face. After seeing headline after headline about innocent students being victims of school shootings, I’ve been working hard to encourage Rutgers students to attend the March for Our Lives in NYC, part of a nationwide series of march organized after the tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. If you’re available on Saturday, March 24th, I highly encourage you to come out and join the march with your fellow peers; check out: facebook.com/groups/1892913250743056/
I am not going to be a lone advocate in RUSA for you – I’m honored to be a part of the One Rutgers ticket, which will work towards unifying Rutgers and making Rutgers better for everyone. For more information on One Rutgers, check out:
I strive for excellence in all that I do, and excellence is what I will bring to RUSA



College Avenue Campus Senator


Lauren Kaminskas       uKnighted

I am announcing my candidacy for RUSA College Ave Senator! I am very excited to be campaigning for the ticket uKnighted. We are running on the three main topics of public safety, inclusion, and mental health. As for my experience with related duties to student government, I am president and founder of the Brady Campaign Chapter on campus. This organization was developed with the purpose of advocating for gun violence prevention, expanding the spectrum of supporters beyond the formerly typical partisanship, and proving that student activism can make an impact. I am also a new member of Sigma Delta Tau and an active long-distance runner.
Alongside me are other members of the ticket including Jess Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President, and Manish Arora for Treasurer. I look forward to working with a team that understands the need to be able to change and adapt to the needs of students at Rutgers, which I know the mentioned three are all fully capable of doing. Thank you for your time and go check out our campaign page!


Luis     Estrada            Rutgers United

A responsible, active and organized individual with goals of extending conversations in how to make Rutgers University a better community for its students and public.


Oluwatobi       Omotoso         One Rutgers

I am for a politically aware, inclusive, and diverse College Avenue that provides constituents with what they need for the ideal RU experience. As a senator I will work for a stronger dialogue between the administration and its students, the promotion of a culture that is inviting for people of all walks of life, avenues for efficient and effective mental health care, and all kinds of initiatives that make College Avenue an even better place for fun and expression.


Gunjan            Awatramani    UnScrew RU

As an international freshman at Rutgers, my journey through the past few months has been a bittersweet one. Apart from being homesick, adapting to the new surroundings while integrating and understanding the new culture has been challenging. Nonetheless, I know I’m not alone. Having interacted with other international students, I have come to realize that a lot of us have been experiencing similar situations. If elected to be your College Avenue Senator, I hope to build stronger bridges between international and in-state students while making their transition a lot smoother. In order to achieve this, it is important that we strive to work with various cultural organizations across Rutgers and encourage better relationships between in-state and international students. I have witnessed the sense of fascination that develops when international students interact with in-state students as they learn about each other’s experiences and cultural differences. Join my team and I as we work towards creating a diverse yet united community at Rutgers!