Spring 2018 Cook Campus Candidates

Cook Campus Representative for the class of 2019


Patrick Grifone            One Rutgers

I have had the pleasure of serving Cook campus as a student government representative for the 2017-2018 academic year and I would be thrilled to take what I have learned and apply it to another year. During my tenure I have worked on the Legislative Affairs committee while we’ve tackled issues such as New Brunswick’s water quality, student representation on our Board of Governors, and maintained relationships with state and federal officials in order to protect Pell Grants and public school funding.   Going forward I want to embrace any opportunity that comes my way to serve the Rutgers student body and guarantee that the interests of Cook campus students are made known!


Harrison          Lee      UnScrew RU

Dear Students of Rutgers University,I am honored and excited to announce my candidacy for Cook Campus Representative for the Class of 2019! As someone who has been holding this position for a year now, I have had the amazing opportunity of working with numerous passionate and talented individuals. If there’s anything I’ve learned during my time at Rutgers, whether from being a student leader or a musician, it is that passion and determination are keys to everything. Over the past year in the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA), I have had the opportunity to fight for many issues on campus, not only as a campus representative but also as the Dining Sub-Committee Chair. Due to personal experience, I am a strong advocate for mental health awareness as well as domestic and sexual violence prevention. As someone who is running for his second year as the Cook 2019 Rep, I will fight for those I represent to continue bringing about this kind of change. Ultimately, Rutgers is shaped by the voice of each and every student on campus, and I hope you all will consider me as a worthy candidate to represent YOU, the Rutgers student body. In Solidarity,HarrisonLeeCandidate for Cook 2019 Representative UnScrew RU https://unscrewru.comfacebook.com/UnScRUtwitter.com/UnScrewRUinstagram.com/unscrewru


Cook Campus Representative for the class of 2020


Robert Porch   One Rutgers

As an Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources major in SEBS, I spend much of my time as a student and undergraduate researcher on the Cook campus at Rutgers University. Should I be given the privilege to represent the students of this campus, I will broadly focus on improvements in sustainability, transportation, and supporting mental health.


Cook Campus Representative for the class of 2021


Julien   Rosenbloom    One Rutgers

Julien is a member of the class of 2021 in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Political Science, Economics, and Computer Science. In RUSA, Julien represents Cook Campus as a class representative and serves on the Legislative Affairs Committee. Also involved with the Rutgers Debate Union, Rutgers Consulting, TAMID Group, and the Darien Civic Engagement Project (DCEP) at the Eagleton Institute of Politics, he firmly believes that constructive discourse and collaboration are the cornerstone of any successful community, and seeks to actively apply this principle in his work with RUSA and on-campus and community organizations.With a breadth of experience in civic engagement and advocacy work, Julien plans to bring energetic and innovative approaches to solving problems on campus, such as bringing a student voting representative to the Board of Governors and increasing accessibility to free textbooks and broader educational resources.   Having worked on some initiatives this past academic year and engaged in dialogue with Big Ten student leaders around the country on student issues, I feel uniquely equipped to bring the Rutgers student experience forward towards a more enriching, future-oriented one. I look forward to working with you all in the coming year in making progress on these issues.


Cook Campus Senator


Miles   Ben-Egypt       uKnighted

Hello everyone! My name is Miles Ben-Egypt and I am running for Cook Senator on the uKnighted ticket in the Rutgers University Student Assembly Spring 2018 Elections. I am a transfer junior and have decided to run because I would like our University to step up to the plate in terms of financial transparency and diversity. Each year, the budget process for RUSA has become increasingly murky and the uKnighted ticket would like to reshape that process.
Together with dedicated students like presidential candidate Jessica Tuazon, vice presidential candidate Seth Wasserman and treasurer candidate Manish Arora, I want to create change in our school with your vote.
“You can start changing our world for the better daily, no matter how small the action.”
-Nelson Mandela


Ilce Perez        UnScrew RU  

I am thrilled to announce that I will be running for Cook Representative 2021 under the UnScrew RU Ticket for Rutgers University Student Assembly this 2018 Spring Election. I came to Rutgers not knowing what to expect and it took a few weeks to adjust. After realizing I could do so many things with my time, I decided I wanted to get involved with clubs, especially RUSA to make a meaningful difference. I firmly believe that if I want to see a change in Rutgers I have to take action. I am ready to do so and fight for the voice of the student body. I wish to make the Rutgers student experience an enjoyable one. This is why I am running under the UnScrew RU ticket, whose goal is to eliminate the “RU Screw” system and create impactful change on campus. I can assure that I, along with this group of hardworking students, will work endlessly to accurately represent the needs of the student body and make Rutgers University a more inclusive place.


Nadine            Blank   Rutgers United

Ever since I can remember, I’ve dreamed of a career in helping my peers. I have experienced firsthand how hard my parents, neighbors, and friends have worked to get to where they are; regardless of our different walks of life, our hard work as students has landed us here, at Rutgers. I am running for SAS Senator at Large because I want to make sure that our hard work is not marred by fear and that we may feel protected, heard, and supported. These goals start with safety. I have decided to run on the Rutgers United ticket so that I may best address safety-centered issues, such as ending sexual violence and making mental health services more accessible as well as working to end the stigma on mental health. If even just one of our peers can feel unsafe in a place many of us call home, how can we be satisfied? It is up to the student body to choose safety first, but if elected, I will work to ensure that we CAN be satisfied with the measures our university takes, and that we can always feel safe at Rutgers.