Spring 2018 Douglass Campus Candidates

Douglass Campus Representative for the class of 2019


Adora  Moneme          Rutgers United

Dedication and commitment have been the touchstone for my life since coming to college. Coming to Rutgers I learned that it is easy to get caught up in everything that happens at a big university, and forget about the important things, such as academics extracurricular activities, and community service. The students of Rutgers University should vote for me because I am passionate about serving them and being a representative for them. Being in RUSA I hope to fight sexual violence on campus, better mental health services offered to students, and to continue to highlight and support diversity and inclusion at Rutgers.


Jilliane Avila   UnScrew RU

Change is possible. Right now, we are seeing young people all over the country demand change by voicing their opinions, taking initiative, and collaborating with passion and determination. Here at Rutgers, students have always been proponents for innovation and are responsible for so many of the great programs here on campus: from increasing awareness for mental health issues, advocating for victim assistance and violence prevention, to wanting healthier ethical food in the dining halls – WE have made change. What we need most now is a Student Government that is truly connected to ALL of its students. A student government that voices our concerns and needs directly to Rutgers administration. I believe that every person can create a life that they love. I believe that we can create a campus that we are proud to call home. That’s why I am privileged and honored to announce that I am officially running for the Douglass Campus Representative for Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) for the Spring 2018 elections! I want changes for a campus that too often gets left behind in modernization. I am a proud Douglass Woman, a LEx Leader and Peer Leadership Mentor, and a humbled member of Cook Douglass Residence Life. I am a singer, a musician, a sister, a writer, but more importantly – I am a student that has faith that taking action is the first step to change. Please vote in this upcoming election and support the UnScrew RU ticket so that we can put an end to the RU Screw.
In Solidarity,
Jilliane Avila
Candidate for Douglass Representative 2019
UnScrew RU


Cydel  Giraudel          uknighted

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Douglass Representative Class of 2019. If elected, I will whole-heartedly dedicate myself to the student body, representing us to the best of my ability, and pursuing all opportunities for improving the student experience. Being a part of the uKnighted ticket, we strive to bring awareness to issues that affects us all. Whether it be you, your peers or someone close to you, we plan to tackle the issues of mental health, inclusion and public safety at Rutgers. Being around different types of people has helped me form an approach that considers multiple perspectives, as well as form a unique view on the many insights and problems that students face. Not only am I able to deeply consider outlooks that benefit the general student body, but I am able to understand and relate to a multitude of niches with specified needs, which in the past may have been overlooked. I have had the opportunity to collaborate, lead and design community need based projects. Resilience and ambition are key to refining the community, but in addition to that skillset, I am confident that the network I have built and the experiences I have gained will give me an edge on advocating for student needs. With a solid foundation of leaders such as Jess Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President and Manish Arora for Treasurer, we can bring our philosophy to fruition and keep the interests of the student body our priority. Bridging the gap between the student body and our advocacy team is key to making sure your voices are being heard and I will prove to be a representative in which you can confide your visions and concerns. I aim to be approachable, dependable and impartial to suggestions and ideas that may help benefit you on a personal level, but also act in the best interest of our entire student body. I deeply hope you consider me for Douglass Representative of the Class of 2019 and I want to thank you for your time. Make sure to check out our Facebook page to learn more about the team as well as what we bring to the Rutgers community! http://www(dot)voteuknighted.com/


Douglass Campus Representative for the class of 2020


Alex    Anderson        One Rutgers

Hi! My name is Alex Anderson and I am a proud Douglass woman, running to be your Douglass 2020 Representative. I am really excited to be working toward initiatives that work to improve Douglass campus and the student experience. During my 1 and a half years in RUSA, I have worked towards a campus that is safer, more sustainable, and more inclusive for all students. I have worked on initiatives combatting sexual assault and I am testing water quality here at Rutgers, too. I look forward to continuing my work representing my constituents and making Rutgers better.


Elani    Hillman           uKnighted

Hello! It is a pleasure to announce my candidacy for Douglass Representative (Class of
2020) under RUSA as part of the “uKnighted” ticket. When elected, I will advocate for the
improvement of public safety, promotion of overall inclusiveness, rejection of mental health
stigmata, and will combat several other issues faced by Rutgers students. As a sophomore and
previous Residence Hall President for New Gibbons, I am eager to continue improving our
community and bring all facets of our university’s organizations together in order to support
each type of student that exists on our diverse campus. My time spent at New Gibbons enabled
me to interact and become close with many students from SAS, SEBS, SoE, and Mason Gross.
Conversing with them granted me a personalized understanding of the varying struggles we all
face at the University, which can be as unique to the individual as individualism itself. Working
as a STEM major and a researcher of several years, I have grown beside many peers and
appreciate a strong sense of unity, for I have come to learn that the best way to overcome our
struggles is by supporting each other through them. For the purpose of bringing about this form
of aid, my mission will be twofold: one, it will be to help all of you in your efforts to overcome
hardship by promoting constructive legislation, and two, it will be to serve as your council so
that your wishes for the campus can be heard and put on the table. To meet this end, I highly
recommend that you also vote for our ticket’s top candidates: Jess Tuazon for President, Seth
Wasserman for Vice President, and Manish Arora for Treasurer. I hope to be given the chance
to work beside you, along with these great candidates, so that we can continue to make
Douglass safe, decent, and uKnighted.
For more information on our ticket please visit our Facebook page, give it a like, and
check out our website too!
Facebook URL: facebook.com/uKnighted2018/
Website URL: http://www.voteuknighted.com/


Camile Taylor  UnScrew RU

“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.” – Shirley Chisholm


Douglass Campus Representative for the class of 2021


Eleanor            Meli     One Rutgers

Hi! My name is Eleanor and I am a political science and history major here at Rutgers. This semester I served as a Douglass At-Large representative within RUSA. I am passionate about improving the student experience at Rutgers, especially improving college affordability. I believe in One Rutgers mission and think it reflects the needs of students.


Rebecca           Bright  uKnighted

I am so excited to announce my candidacy for the Rutgers University Student Body Class of 2021 Representative for Douglass Campus!

Here at Rutgers, I have focused on advocating for students’ rights, through my involvement in Ultimate Frisbee, as well as through my position as President of RHA of Katzenbach Hall. For 2018-2019, I will be the Vice President of the Rutgers Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, as well as a Resident Assistant on Douglass campus. I will translate this inclusive and fair mindset to working as the bridge between the Class of 2021 and RUSA. I, along with members of our ticket, uKnighted, will fight for Inclusivity, Mental Health Awareness, and Public Safety.
uKnighted, including President Jessica Sarah Tuazon, Vice President Seth Wasserman, and Treasurer Manish Arora, and other ticket members, is so excited to work together to improve Rutgers for everyone!
Check out our platform at http://www.voteuknighted.com and like our Facebook page at facebook.com/uKnighted2018/ !


Sofia    Ruiz     uKnighted

Hello all, I am beyond excited to announce that I will be running in this year’s RUSA election with uKnighted! Our ticket is focusing on public safety, inclusion, and mental health. I would be a great fit to represent you in this year’s student assembly because one of my greatest passions in life is giving back to my community. As a board member of The Diverse American Volunteer Association, a non-profit focused on making a change in the world through diversity, I have not only gained a lot of leadership skills that have prepared me for such a position, but have been able to contribute to so many amazing projects that have shaped the lives of those less fortunate and without a voice. I also suggest voting for our ticket’s top three candidates, Jessica Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President, and Manish Arora for Treasurer. I look forward to hopefully representing you in the upcoming school year and helping to make Rutgers a better place for everyone. Thank you for your consideration and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page! facebook.com/uKnighted2018/


Douglass Campus Senator


Geidy  Mendez           UnScrew RU

I have decided to run for Douglass Senator under the Unscrew Ticket for Rutgers University Student Assembly for Spring 2018 Elections. I decided to run because I want to see change happen at an institution that prides itself on diversity but lacks being inclusive. My experience at Rutgers has been marked with meeting extraordinary people that go beyond their limits to enact change in the community. I wish to emulate their spirits and bring in my own experiences as I run for this position.


Sovena            Ngeth  uKnighted

My name is SovenaNgeth and I am running for Douglass Senator with uKnighted, our main missions centering around Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health. During my times at Rutgers, I have experienced the stress many other students feel transitioning from high school to college, and I believe our platform can help students who felt or feel this way too. I am currently involved with Delta Gamma Fraternity and through my involvement with my sorority I am inspired to do more for my peers at Rutgers. I am proud to run alongside President Jessica Tuazon, Vice President Seth Wasserman, and Treasurer Manish Aroar. Help us help you! Check us out at http://www.voteuknighted.com and like our Facebook page at facebook.com/uKnighted2018/


Emily   Kane    One Rutgers

My name is Emily Kane and I am a freshman at Rutgers New Brunswick. I am currently an SAS Senator at-Large in RUSA as well as a member of the Health and Wellness Committee and the Sexual Violence Education Department. Outside of RUSA I am a member of Douglass Residential College, Colleges Against Cancer, and the Scarlet Honors Council Outreach Team. I want to continue my work with RUSA because although I have devoted so much time this year to sexual assault prevention and advocacy for student mental health, I feel that there is still work to be done. I hope to create an environment at Rutgers that is conducive to the well-being of all students by changing the stigma surrounding sexual violence and mental health and making resources readily available.