Spring 2018 Endorsements

One Rutgers Endorsements

Organization NameMethod of EndorsementCertification of EndorsementOrganization Size Category
Rutgers University DemocratsExecutive Board voteMegan Coyne, President25-49 members
Rutgers University Sailing TeamExecutive Board voteEmily Pooley, Commodore10-24 members
Rutgers Entrepreneurial SocietyExecutive Board voteJhanvi Virani, President25-49 members
Phi Kappa TauExecutive Board voteBhargav Lingala, President25-49 members
Rutgers Men's Rugby TeamExecutive Board voteMassimo DiSanto, President25-49 members
Alpha Rho of Chi Psi FraternityExecutive Committee voteRoland D. Lucas, President50+ members
Rutgers UNICEFExecutive Board voteKajol Bhatia, President50+ members
Engineers Without BordersExecutive Board voteMarissa DelRocini, President50+ members
Rutgers Venture Capital ClubExecutive Board voteBernie Adorino, President25-49 members
Rutgers University Mobile App Development ClubExecutive Board voteQasim Abbas, President25-49 members
Phi Gamma DeltaExecutive Board voteJustin Koetas, President10-24 members
Rutgers EsportsExecutive Board voteDavid Chao, Director of Events50+ members


uKnighted Endorsements

Organization NameMethod of EndorsementCertification of EndorsementOrganization Size Category
Delta Gamma FraternityChapter Management Team VoteSarah Gambacorta, Vice President: Communications50+ members
Rutgers ASCE Executive Board voteBrianna Mantz, President25-49 members
Phi Delta EpsilonExecutive Board voteChas Morse, President50+ members
Rutgers ASMEExecutive Board voteJessica Tuazon, Webmaster10-24 members
Alpha Epsilon Pi FraternityExecutive Board voteJoshua Schaeffer, President50+ members
Tau Beta PiExecutive Board voteKatelyn Fleisch, Secretary50+ members
Rutgers HillelStudent Board votePaulee Manich, President50+ members
Association of Indians at RutgersExecutive Board voteManish Arora, Treasurer10-24 members
Rutgers Conservative UnionExecutive Board voteNicholas Knight, President50+ members
Delta Kappa Delta SororityExecutive Board voteRoshni Parikh, Treasurer10-24 members
Theta TauExecutive Board voteAdithya Thiruvalluvan, Regent50+ members
RU 20/20Executive Board voteAnjani Patel, President10-24 members
Phi Kappa PsiExecutive Board voteTyler Reedman, President50+ members
Rutgers ChabadExecutive Board voteNicole Collins, President50+ members
Iota Nu DeltaExecutive Board voteAlan Patel, Vice-President10-24 members
American Pharmacist AssociationExecutive Board voteKarishma Patel, President50+ members
Rutgers Engineering Honors CouncilExecutive Board voteVineet Shenoy, President10-24 members
Delta UpsilonExecutive Board voteRomeil Dave, Vice President of Finance50+ members
Delta ChiExecutive Board voteNoah Hoffman, Secretary25-49 members
Alpha Sigma PhiExecutive Board voteSigurd Pineda, President50+ members


UnScrew RU Endorsements

Organization NameMethod of EndorsementCertification of EndorsementOrganization Size Category
RU ProgressiveVote by Entire OrganizationAdeel Ahmed, Co-President10-24 members
Ahlul Bayt Student OrganizationExecutive Board voteMustafa Jaffry, President25-49 members
Rutgers Red Cross ClubExecutive Board voteKranthi Mandava, Treasurer50+ members
Student Society for Stem Cell ResearchExecutive Board voteKranthi Mandava, Vice President25-49 members
Rutgers Pakistani Student AssociationExecutive Board voteWaleed Azam, President25-49 members
Ascend Pan-Asian Business LeadersExecutive Board voteAndrew Tsai, President 50+ members
Association of Undergraduate GeneticistsExecutive Board voteMuhammed Rahim, President10-24 members
International Student AssociationExecutive Board voteAteet Chopra, President10-24 members
Rutgers White Crane Kung FuExecutive Board voteMona Rassouli, Co-President10-24 members
Students for Justice in PalestineExecutive Board voteRamsey Abdeljaber, Treasurer10-24 members
Chem-E-Car OrganizationExecutive Board votePhilip Whong, President25-49 members
Rutgers Chinese Students and Scholars AssociationExecutive Board voteChen Qian, President50+ members
Association of Philippine Students (Rutgers)Executive Board voteJashlie Melgar, President50+ members
RU Global NetworkExecutive Board voteKe Meng, Vice President50+ members
Students for Environmental AwarenessExecutive Board voteMegan Kenny, President50+ members
United Muslim ReliefExecutive Board voteMuna Mashhour, Events Coordinator10-24 members
Rutgers Asian A Cappella GroupExecutive Board voteSanjana Mehta, Business Manager/President10-24 members
Delta Kappa EpsilonExecutive Board voteJoseph Ongay, Secretary25-49 members
American Institute of Chemical EngineersExecutive Board voteDaryll Munoz, President25-49 members
Bengali Students AssociationExecutive Board votePriyanka Chatterjee, President25-49 members
Galvanizing and Organizing Youth Activism ProjectExecutive Board voteLarry Traylor, President25-49 members
Black Men's CollectiveExecutive Board voteIsrael Oderanti, Vice President25-49 members
Muslim Public Relations CouncilExecutive Board voteMustafa Jaffry, Vice President25-49 members


Rutgers United Endorsements

Organization NameMethod of EndorsementCertification of EndorsementOrganization Size Category
Phi Chi ThetaExecutive Board voteFelipe Romero, President50+ members
Association of Punjabis at Rutgers UniversityMajority vote of organizationGuriqbaljit Singh, President10-24 members
Mexican-American Student AssociationExecutive Board voteDaniel Morales, President50+ members
UndocuRutgersExecutive board voteSergio Abreu, President10-24 members
Afro - Latinx Student Organization (Provisional Organization)Executive board votePeyton Walker, President10-24 members
Sociedad Estudiantil DominicanaExecutive board voteEliana Mercedes, Secretary10-24 members
Rutgers Unión Estudiantil PuertorriqueñaExecutive board voteStephanie Márquez-Villafañe, President50+ members
Douglass Black Students' CongressExecutive board voteChyanne Rhodes, Vice President 50+ members
Rutgers ShockWaveVote by Entire OrganizationMonika Bagle, Business Manager10-24 members
Rutgers WanawakeVote by Entire OrganizationSopuru Ezeonu, Secretary25-49 members
New Jersey Public Health AssociationExecutive board voteSumra Alvi, President25-49 members
Collegiate 100Executive board voteHerrana Addisu, Treasurer10-24 members