Spring 2018 Livingston Campus Candidates

Livingston Campus Representative for the class of 2019


Elton   Greenfield       uKnighted

Hey everyone, I am proud to announce my candidacy for this year’s RUSA elections with uKnighted!
Our ticket’s primary 3 focal points are Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health.
I am just as concerned of a student as then rest of you, so allow me to tell you why I would love nothing more than to represent not just Livingston campus but you all in this year’s student assembly. I have been in Delta Upsilon for the past 2 years and have worked endlessly toward making sure my organization is a role model for how greek life should coexist with the rest of Rutgers. I served as social media chair for the past year and with that came the responsibility of curating content for our social media that accurately represented Delta Upsilon. In addition, I have recently joined Phi Alpha Delta, the prelaw fraternity and I currently represent the clothing company Express on our campus as a brand ambassador.
I also highly encourage you to vote for our ticket’s top 3 candidates, Jess Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President, and Manish Arora for Treasurer.
I look forward to improving the lives of current and future students at Rutgers.
Thanks, and don’t forget to give our fb page a like! We stand together, uKnighted!


Danyal Siddiqui          One Rutgers

My name’s Danyal Siddiqui, a member of the class of 2019, and a new RUSA candidate running for Livingston Representative. I’m passionate about diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds. Through leadership experiences in the Rutgers ITI community, serving as an academic tutor, instructing my very own seminar course for first-year students, and being a part of the Livingston community for over two years, I’ve been inspired by the passion and tenacity of our Scarlet Knight family. With your support, I’m committed to diligently working to contribute to the positive growth and development of our university, and make it the best that it can be.


Laura   Sandoval         Rutgers United

My name is Laura Sandoval. I am running for the position of Livingston Campus representative for 2019 because I want to be a part of making change within Rutgers. I am passionate about mental health stigma, ending sexual violence, and diversity. I am running on the Rutgers United team.


Livingston Campus Representative for the class of 2020


Hinita  Patel    One Rutgers

Hi everyone-I’m Hinita Patel! I am incredibly excited to be running for the Livingston Class of 2020 Representative position in RUSA. I am currently a sophomore in the Rutgers Business School majoring in Finance. I am involved in various organizations on campus, including the Rutgers University Student Affairs (RUSA), Women’s Center Coalition (WCC), and Rutgers Business Governing Association (RBGA). My prior experience in RUSA as the WCC Representative and member of both the University Affairs and Student Affairs committees has definitely qualified me for this valuable position allowing me to make initiatives and advocate for change on behalf of my fellow peers. I have been a part of the Menstrual Hygiene Products Proposal and the Resolution to Support 100% Renewable Energy Campaign. I am ready to use my innovation, creativity, leadership skills, and motivation to positively influence Rutgers and make a change. I would be honored to represent my fellow peers at Rutgers University, especially the Class of 2020 and all future residents of Livingston Campus. I will listen to my fellow Rutgers students and depict their voices in my work. I will be actively working towards initiatives to improve the student experience by working to improve academics, increase mental health awareness, and advocate for better transportation efforts on campus. I will make an effort to build a unified community through the promotion of diversity and inclusion. I will make an impact for the better at Rutgers University!


Livingston Campus Representative for the class of 2021

Michelle          Glauberzon      Rutgers United

Hey everyone! Let’s make this fun and let y’all know why I want to run! It is my passion and privilege to be able to run for the Livingston 2021 representative for the Rutgers University Student Assembly. As a previous member of RUSA, I was able to help pass legislation to help support the NJPIRG initiative to makes Rutgers fully sustainable by 2050 and be a part of the University Affairs committee. I want to continue to improve sustainability by promoting the use of hybrid buses, advocating for the removal of styrofoam takeout containers from University Dining Facilities and overall encouraging environmental awareness through the student body. Another significant concern I have is safety of students. All students should feel safe on campus, so they have a great experience at Rutgers. I want to unite forces with student organizations such as Rutgers NO MORE and the End, Sexual Violence campaign, to lead a coalition of advocates to change rape culture on campus. Along with that there has been times that I walked at night and felt on edge to combat that I want to be able to enhance the RUPD safety escort service and even help build a public safety app to campus, which will enable individuals to feel safer when walking on campus late at night by providing the phone number to emergency services. Rutgers University is a higher institution we should all be proud of, and I want to be able to help that happen. If we all work together, I want to be able to make everyone’s Rutgers experience something you want to talk about for the rest of your life.


Kammi            Law     One Rutgers

My name is Kammi Law and I am running to be your 2021 Livingston Class Representative! I am currently a student at the Rutgers Business School and have a strong interest in student affairs. I have always been passionate about student outreach therefore I have been in student government my entire life and currently I am the Livingston At – Large representative. Next year at RUSA, my main focus will be improving the transportation system! Thank you!


Geetam            Patchigolla      uKnighted

Hey everyone, I am very honored to announce my candidacy for the Class of 2021 Livingston Representative in this year’s RUSA elections with uKnighted!Our ticket’s primary focus is on Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health Awareness. I want to give these three important causes the attention they deserve. Currently I am part of the Association of Indians at Rutgers and Rutgers Public Speaking and I believe that it important to get involved in the Rutgers Community. It’s important for people to feel included and I want to help host events that will get people together. With these events I want people to know that they are not alone and that people are there for them. I am running along with the amazing Jess Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President, and Manish Arora


Livingston Campus Senator


Kristen            Charlery          UnScrew RU

I would like to make this school better


Afnan  Malik   UnScrew RU

I wanna change things up


Dominique      Little   uKnighted

It is with great honor that I announce my candidacy to be the newest Senator of the School of Arts and Sciences! I am pleased to be running as part of the uKnighted ticket, which focuses on three main goals: Public Safety, Inclusion and Mental Health. With Jessica Tuazon leading us as President, Seth Wasserman as Vice President, and Manish Arora as Treasurer, I am confident that we can tackle the challenges that the school currently faces. I have been a member of the Residence Hall Association for three years, where I currently serve as the Director of Leadership Development. Through this role, I have watched many student blossom into the leaders they were meant to be. A primary goal of mine is to empower students by expanding alumni relations at Rutgers. A major perk of attending a prestigious university such as Rutgers is the access students have to the university’s prosperous alumni. It is vital that current students are able to network with alumni and develop their professional capabilities for their futures. I’m so excited to be on this journey with the rest of the student leaders on the uKnighted ticket!