Spring 2018 Off Campus Candidates

Off Campus Representative at Large (8)


Gerelis Feliz    uKnighted

I am proud to announce that I will be running as Off- Campus Representative under the uKnighted ticket. As a leader within my Christian community, I have been innovative in creating and leading new systems of change. Commuting to Rutgers for the last three years has been a difficult experience for me. As commuters, we may feel unsafe as we walk to our cars or feel excluded from campus culture and I want to lead the change, and make Rutgers a home for all of us. Under the uKnighted ticket, our mission is to promote Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health Awareness on campus. Alongside President Jessica Tuazon, Vice President Seth Wasserman, and Treasurer Manish Arora, I know we will improve the commuter experience for students!


Edward           Hayes  uKnighted

To the past, present and future Rutgers Scarlet Knights,
I am excited to announce my candidacy for RUSA’s elections with the uKnighted ticket! Our campaign is a collection of Rutgers’ most empowering, considerate, and determined students, led by Presidential candidate Jessica Tuazon, who has served as Secretary of RUSA the past two years. Running for Vice President and Treasurer are Seth Wasserman and Manish Arora, respectively, who have both been very involved at Rutgers since their freshman years.
As an advocate for social responsibility, I have come to admire the alumni and students from RUSA and Enactus who have volunteered their time, resources, and ideas towards improving the Rutgers community. I look forward to auKnighted Rutgers!
Edward Hayes
Class of 2019


Daniel  Morales           Rutgers United

I am Daniel Morales and my major is public health. I have commuted all three of my years here at Rutgers. Growing up in New Brunswick, I have observed the immense disconnect that exists between the city of New Brunswick and Rutgers University. In addition, I have experienced the stereotypes that atttack students in the New Brunswick School District first hand. As a goal, I would love to connect Rutgers and New Brunswick through serving the community as well as assist the public school students in New Brunswick break the stereotypes that are used against them.


Cassidy           Wiltshire          uKnighted

Hey everyone! Today I am excited to announce my candidacy for the off-campus student representative for Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) under the uKnighted ticket. I have been passionate about Rutgers since I stepped on to the campus three years ago and that passion has traveled with me throughout everything that I have involved myself. My interests in helping others began when I stepped into an executive office position for my sorority and only furthered once I became president of Delta Gamma. This combined with my involvement in Douglass Residential College, Student Peacemakers, Scarlet Council, and Panhellenic has driven me to want to do more for this community, that has given me so much. I, along with the other wonderful candidates on my ticket, will be focusing on tough topics like public safety, inclusion, and mental health. Under the leadership of Jessica Tuazon, as President, Seth Wasserman as Vice President, and Manish Arora, as Treasurer, I know that we can accomplish our goals and so much more. I only involve myself in programs and organizations that I can pour my heart and soul into and I look forward to listening to the student body and doing what I can to make student life even better than it is already.

Thank you so much and do not forget to like our FaceBook page. #VoteuKnighted


AJ        Kane                One Rutgers

My name is AJ Kane and I am proud to announce that I am running to be one of your Off-Campus Representatives with One Rutgers! Throughout my Rutgers experience, I’ve been passionate about helping my fellow students. As a member of Sigma Delta Tau, I learned the value of female empowerment and will continue to work towards improving our Rutgers for rights of all students with emphasis for women power. I know that we all want to make this school a better place, so I urge to help make the positive impact and vote One Rutgers!


Noah   Hoffman         uKnighted

My name is Noah Hoffman, and I am running to be an Off-Campus Representative with uKnighted! I am a junior in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, majoring in psychology, and minoring in political science and criminology. Through my experience as a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity, I have realized the importance of taking advantage of opportunities to lead and make changes here at Rutgers. The uKnighted ticket is committed to inclusion, mental health awareness, and public safety. I am excited to support and work with Jessica Tuazon, Seth Wasserman and Manish Arora, among others, to represent the student body and voice its concerns.


Mateo  Arango            Rutgers United

I am passionate about creating a more diverse and inclusive community here at Rutgers University. It is crucial for me to truly work with and represent all voices of the Rutgers community. I am running for the position of Off-Campus Representative. Through RUSA, I would like to establish a more profound connection with the New Brunswick community. Some programs that I would like to incorporate and emphasize would be focused on connecting to New Brunswick high schools and nursing homes. I feel that the relationship between Rutgers University and the city of New Brunswick should be strengthened in order to create a pathway to success for the youth, and also a sanctuary and home for the elderly. Furthermore, I will fight adamantly along with the rest of the Rutgers United team on efforts to end sexual violence, better mental health services, and focus on diversity and inclusion here at Rutgers University.


Kathleen          Parrish UnScrew RU

Dear Students of Rutgers University,

Now more than ever, we need to think globally, and act locally. Luckily, acting here at Rutgers, we have the potential to change the world. Behind the scenes, we are the driving force of the latest discoveries in research. We the bring fresh ideas and perspectives that can keep our school on the forefront of social change. We even bring in the tuition that helps keep the lights on and the roofs up(even if they aren’t green yet).But we can’t do that if we fear sexual assault or discrimination. We can’t do that if we don’t have support for our mental health or a voice in how our school is being run. We certainly can’t do that if we can’t afford to be here. That’s why I am proud to run on UnScrew RU’s platform of change. I would be honored to represent your voice in RUSA as the Off Campus Student Representative of 2019.Students living off campus or commuting deserve access to affordable healthy food and a safe place to store their things and relax on campus. Every student deserves the freedom to enjoy their time at Rutgers and make the most of their education. Everyone deserves the opportunity to help drive sustainable change at Rutgers and leave their own mark on the world.

In Solidarity,
Kathleen(Katie) Parrish


Emily   Woods Rutgers United

My name is Emily Woods. I am a junior majoring in Psychology and Theater and minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. I am running for RUSA to work toward using student voices to assist in efforts against interpersonal violence on campus. Rutgers is already a leader in work regarding sexual assault and domestic violence, and I want to help students rise up to continue that work. I also want to make sure that resources for mental health are available for all students because taking care of your body and mind is necessary for the success of any student at Rutgers, and we all deserve the opportunity to do so. I am here to amplify the voices of those who are already working toward positive change, and to bring in the voices who have been left on the sidelines.


Austin Altman            uKnighted

To my fellow Rutgers students,
I, Austin Altman, am happy to announce that I will be running to be an Off-Campus Representative in RUSA for the 2018-2019 school year. I will be running under uKnighted, a ticket that preaches Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health Awareness. The leaders of this amazing ticket and platform are: Jessica Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President and Manish Arora for Treasurer. As for myself, I have been a part of RUSA for the past two years and have extensive experience in fighting for what I believe is important. I know what it takes to make a difference for both RUSA and for the governing council that I am a part of outside of RUSA, Rutgers Business School Government Association. With my experience, I am an ideal candidate for this position. I am in a unique spot of having the perspective of living on campus my freshman year and now living off campus I can say with certainty that off-campus students need more representation and a stronger voice in RUSA. I am that person and I will make it my duty to improve the conditions for off-campus and make it a priority that all students have the same access to resources. In closing, I want to leave you with this, our ticket and our members and myself are the best choice for too many reasons to list here, but I will leave with one. We are the ticket that is driven and focused on helping you, the student, be the best that you can be. Our focus is making sure that your Rutgers experience is one you will never forget. Safety, inclusion and mental health awareness are our priorities and we will make sure that these issues are addressed and so that you can be the best YOU, you can possibly be!
Check out our Facebook page to learn more! https://www.facebook.com/uKnighted2018/ and check out our website! http://www.voteuknighted.com/


Jeffrey Zhang  One Rutgers

Jeffrey Zhang has proven to be one of the most hard-working members of the body in his eight month tenure since he was appointed as an RBGA representative last October. If elected as a representative this year, he promises to bring the same consistency and pragmatism to RUSA. He will bring the platform of One Rutgers into his tireless committee work and advocate for better transportation, college affordability, and mental health.


Sam     Westpy            One Rutgers

My name is Sam Westpy, and I will be entering my junior year here at Rutgers. I am currently a member of the SAS Honors College majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. I am very excited to have the opportunity to run for an Off Campus Representative for the 2018-2019 school year! As an active member of the Rutgers community, I believe that a harmonious relationship must be maintained between residents and non-residents of the university. As your representative, I will work closely with faculty and administrators in order to ensure the best possible experience for Off Campus students. In addition, I am thrilled to be working with One Rutgers, a group of extremely qualified and dedicated individuals. One Rutgers as a whole is deeply interested in prioritizing efforts to assuage the stigmatization of mental health, and to maintain that Rutgers is kept a safe, inclusive place. As your Off Campus Representative, I will work to preserve the values and ideals of One Rutgers, and I will be committed to representing the undergraduate body of Off Campus residents both diligently and enthusiastically.


Austin Schlessinger    One Rutgers

Hi, my name is Austin Schlessinger and I am running for Off-Campus Class of 2020 Representative. I am currently a sophomore at RBS majoring in BAIT with a concentration in Finance. In terms of involvement, I am the Sophomore Representative of the Rutgers Business Governing Association, a brother of Chi Psi Fraternity, and a Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Management. My time at Rutgers has opened my eyes to where Rutgers needs improvement, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to create initiatives to make Rutgers a better place. Specifically, I am concerned with tackling issues with transportation and public safety on campus. I am determined to voice the concerns of my peers, enthusiastic about helping my community, and excited to create a positive and inclusive environment for all.


Karysa Swackenberg   Rutgers United

Hello class of 2020 and all other Scarlet Knights! My name is Karysa Swackenberg and I am a sophomore Public Policy major. I am from Denver, Colorado am a student-athlete on the volleyball team here at Rutgers. I work as a Peer Mental Health Educator at the H.O.P.E (Health, Outreach, Promotion and Education) student health center and I am running for your 2020 Off-Campus Representative. I am campaigning alongside Vladmir Carracasco in hopes to be a voice for the student body and represent our peers wants and needs at our University. Our agenda includes ending sexual violence, bettering our school’s mental health services, and encouraging diversity and inclusion here on campus. I believe our administration needs to do a better job at providing us with the most effective health resources available to perform the best academically and be healthy, happy and safe on and off campus. I plan on increasing the safety for the off-campus community and promote unity for all of Rutgers’s students no matter where they live. I strongly believe sexual violence is an event that should never happen period. And by coming together we can end it here at our school permanently. Join Vladmir Carracaso and myself by voting for Rutgers United during this Spring’s 2018 Rutgers Student Assembly elections. Go Knights!


Hazem Mohamed        UnScrew RU

I’m privileged, honored, and humbled to make my announcement that I’m officially running for the Off-Campus Representative position at the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) for the Spring 2018 elections! My experience at Rutgers has only been a semester, but it has been one of the greatest experience and fun times I had in my life. A lot of people may doubt and say, “Why is Hazem running for student government and his experience at Rutgers has only been a semester?” Experience can be gained anywhere in life; in school, on the streets, stories shared by friends and families, and in many many different ways. My priority goal as a voice running to serve the students and help all the students at Rutgers to unite together as one whole student body and focus on the issues that matter to everybody and set political opinions aside. As a transfer student from Union County College, I would love to share my experience there and tell everybody why I decided to run and how my experiences could reflect and qualify me for such an honorable position at RUSA. I was a proud member of the largest honor society for community colleges in the world known as Phi Theta Kappa. This organization changed my life and made me the person who I am today. It got me to be involved on campus with volunteering, encouraging our community to commit to graduate, bake sales, book sales, blood drives, autism walks, and educating students at middle schools about important issues such as climate change and global warming. Due to my involvement in almost every project, I was elected to become the Vice President of Leadership for our chapter. To that point, it was one of the greatest honors I had when I got elected. As the former Vice President of Leadership, I have developed a mentoring program for scholarship application. The number one reason why students do not receive scholarships is because they do not apply. Showing up is half the battle and the program has yielded positive results with over 10,000$ earned in scholarships for just international students who applied! It is very hard for international students to receive any form of merit-based or need-based aid, so that was one of the biggest accomplishments our chapter did for the students. At first, the mentoring program was slow, but as students succeeded in obtaining scholarships and applying these skills, they were requested to share their success story. Due to the success stories, the program had a personal peer-to-peer effect and the community was united. What I learned most of all during my community college experience is to stay united and help one another. The most important thing that makes a community stronger is sticking together. As an international student myself, I want the voices of everybody to be heard. International students, majorities, minorities, and every single student on campus deserves a chance to speak and give an opinion and be involved. Everybody needs to be there and we need to increase our turnout of involvement. The reason why the turnout for elections on the state level and on the college level is low is because of us, the people. In my opinion, we did not invest and work hard enough for that. To do that, we need to embrace ourselves of who we are, accept different opinions and encourage everyone to go out and shout out loud that they are here and they can work to solve issues that truly matters, that’s why I’m running.My upbringing and experience has prepared me for this goal. I do not ask that you, the students, to invest in me, I ask that you provide me with the opportunity to invest in myself. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”
Thank you!
In Solidarity,
Hazem Mohamed
Candidate for Off-Campus Representative UnScrew RU
campaign picture –> facebook.com/HazemDEMBA/posts/10215151303434306:0


Nimit   Jogani  UnScrew RU

Dear Students of Rutgers University,I am excited to announce that I am running for Off-Campus Representative for the Class of 2020! As a RUSA Representative, I want to bring change for both domestic and international students. Being an International Student Orientation volunteer made me realize the challenges international students face here at Rutgers, and I intend to minimize those as much as possible by bridging the gap between both domestic and international students.I intend to work on reducing tuition, especially for out-of-state and international students. I also hope to bring more recognition and representation of international students in everything at Rutgers. I will utilize all my experiences here to best serve the student population. As a RUSA Representative, I can promise you that I will fight for these changes. I hope you will consider me a worthy candidate to represent you all, and I will be grateful for your vote on March 26th!

In Solidarity,
Candidate for Off-Campus Representative UnScrew RU



Zayna  Ahmad            Rutgers United

My name is Zayna Ahmad and I’m a rising junior and will be graduating in 2020. I’ve decided to run with Rutgers United as an Off-Campus Representative. Having experience as a commuter and working at Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships for two years, I want to help advocate for students who do not live on campus. I will dedicate my time to create affordable parking options and added promotion of existing resources. In addition, I hope to focus on diversity and equal inclusion for everyone on campus; I strongly believe Rutgers United will allow us to see this positive change occur.


Khushi Paul     UnScrew RU

Let’s work together to make Rutgers a better place for us all! Together we can accomplish better, bigger and faster. So I stand here to ask you, would you like to make Rutgers proud? If yes, vote for us!


Alexandra       Fabugais-Inaba

Stickers are a way into the hearts of Rutgers students. Who doesn’t love a good sticker?


Ahan   SIkri    UnScrew RU

Dear Rutgers Students, I transferred from Rutgers-Newark in the Fall. While my time at New Brunswick has been rewarding, I have experienced an alienation, a disconnect between myself and the community. I am not alone in this feeling; I have spoken with transfer students, international students, off-campus residents and even campus residents who all feel this way. So why do I, and so many others, in a college of about 49,000 students, feel so isolated? The Rutgers University Student Assembly, RUSA, is the liaison between the needs of the students and administration. But do you feel represented? Do you feel that the issues you face day to day are being addressed? If you don’t, now is your time. Why should thousands of students expect to be screwed over by the very institution they are funding? We deserve better and we demand better.

I am AhanSikri and I’m running for Off-Campus Representative for the 2020 Class on the UnScrew RU ticket. We hope to have your vote.


Neida  Perez   Rutgers United

My name is Neida Perez and I am a sophomore at Rutgers. I am passionate about diversifying RUSA by creating a more inclusive demographic in our student government. I will focus on ending sexual violence on campus and improving mental health services. I would like to work with Rutgers to create more essential resources and establish a better budget for large community programming focused on the promoting the diversity of the student body. These valuable services should be able to transcend through many minority communities here on campus. Overall, I believe in unifying as one whole to tackle issues we all deem important. Vote for me for Off-Campus Rep and the Rutgers United!


Laila    Abbas  UnScrew RU

Rutgers University deserves student representatives who aim to advocate for the student body, faculty and staff above all else. To me, that entails working directly with our diverse community full of forward-thinkers to fight for what is in all of our best interests.


Francesca        Rodrigo           One Rutgers

I am honored and excited to be running for Off-Campus Representative with the One Rutgers team for this semester’s RUSA elections. One Rutgers is devoted to enhancing campus safety, mental health awareness initiatives, and transportation services. This ticket strives to create a more inclusive community while improving the affordability of student expenses. I would be proud to represent many parts of the student body and am excited to bring my perspective to RUSA as an RBS Ambassador, leader in my sorority, and a commuter student. Growing up with Rutgers ten minutes away from me, I have become accustomed to appreciating the value and opportunities this school provides. I am a firm believer that Rutgers University is what you make of it. Although we come from different backgrounds and ideals we are and always will be One Rutgers.


Cara     Trulli    uKnighted

Hey guys, I am so honored to announce my candidacy as an Off Campus Representative in this years RUSA elections with ticket uKnighted!
Our ticket’s primary focus is on Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health Awareness, three causes I’m extremely passionate about. As a member of the honors college, a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, and a student in the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, I feel as though it is my duty to make a greater impact on Rutgers University. I would love to cultivate a sense of community and unite all those around me here at our lovely institution. I love to carry myself radiating positivity with a big smile on my face to all I meet. That’s where my passion for mental health awareness comes into play as I truly believe that all members, despite their gender, race, and sexuality, deserve attention, to have their concerns heard and their mind at peace. I am running along with the amazing Jess Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President, and Manish Arora <3 for Treasurer, vote for us and see an even more organized, transparent, and “uknighted” community!
I strongly encourage all Rutgers students to vote for us! Please check out our platform at http://www.voteuknighted.com/ and like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/uKnighted2018/! RU RAH RAH! Go uKnighted!!


Zain     Ahmed            UnScrew RU

“Don’t judge others because they sin differently then you do.”- Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib


Anthony          Vicente            UnScrew RU

I believe an education should be affordable. With the constant raise of tuition, we should have a say how our money is spent. Our tuition is spent behind closed doors without the knowledge of the student body until the vote is finalized. Moreover, our Student Board of Governors representative is kept away from the voting of expenditures are finalized. We have no say how our tuition is spent. We are the body which makes up the school. Without us, Rutgers would not exist, yet, Rutgers lacks the transparency needed to make Rutgers the best university for all. We must demand transparency and have a voice how our tuition is spent.


Sara     Ali       uKnighted

Hey everyone! My name is Sara Ali and I am running for Off-Campus Representative with the uKnightedticket!Our ticket will work to improve Public Safety, Inclusion, and Mental Health awareness on campus. The Rutgers community is in need of change, especially in ending sexual assault on campus and increasing our diversity. I have a start up through the Honors College Innovation Lab which is working towards these goals. I will fight for the rights of women and show everyone that we are powerful and capable of anything we set our minds to. This is why I am running for RUSA with uKnighted. We are led by Jess Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President, and Manish Arora for Treasurer. I encourage you to vote for our whole ticket and learn more about our platform at https://www.facebook.com/uKnighted2018/ and http://www.voteuknighted.com/


Kevin  Gao     One Rutgers

Hey everyone, my name is Kevin Gao and I’m super excited to be running for your Off-Campus Representative for 2020. I love being a part of the Rutgers community, whether that’s through helping out non-profit organizations in New Brunswick through Enactus, or previously competing as a student athlete on the Crew team. I’m also engaged with the Asian American community as an executive board member of the Rutgers Chinese Student Organization, yet another perspective of Rutgers life on campus. Although I’ve had a lot of great experiences here, I’ve noticed some issues that nobody seems to want to address: specifically, mental health and campus safety. As difficult problems are often tucked away, it’s no surprise that the same thing is happening here, but that makes them all the more important to be talked about. I want to be a voice for people silently struggling, and for people who don’t even know where to start with problems this big. I want to do my part for everybody in this community, because no matter how diverse we are, in the end, we are all One Rutgers.


Iman    Amer   Rutgers United

Hello my name is Iman Amer and I’m running for Off-Campus Representative. My ultimate goal is to better this university through means of peace and prosperity. By running for RUSA with the Rutgers United team, I hope to eradicate sexual violence. Furthermore, I hope to end the concept of racism, as well as stereotypes associated with mental illnesses, religion, sexuality, and gender. I also believe that by working towards building a Synagogue and Mosque on campus for the Jewish and Muslim students of Rutgers, respectively, this will encourage inclusion and diversity amongst students. Through these means, I hope that we may return Rutgers to the safe haven it once was for everybody, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexuality.


Ali Zamin        Razak  Rutgers United

My name is Ali ZaminRazak and I am a sophomore at Rutgers Business School. I am running for the Off Campus Representative position for the 2018-2019 academic year on the Rutgers United ticket. What I want to accomplish with Rutgers United and RUSA is to help end sexual violence, mental health stigmas and promote diversity and inclusion. I hope to be a part of a student government that prides itself on making Rutgers as open to all students as it possibly can be.


Kyle    Gordon

Hi everyone my name is Kyle Gordon and I am a sophomore in the business school majoring in supply chain and political science. Vote me for off campus representative because I plan on actively participating in debates and changing Rutgers to benefit the student body. I understand the time and commitment this position requires and I intend on fifilling the duties and requirements to the best of my abilities.


Dante  Intindola         One Rutgers

I am a sophomore at Rutgers Business School, majoring in Business Analytics and Information Technology, with a minor in History through SAS. I was formerly a member of RUSA for the 2016-2017 school year, when I served as RBGA Representative and was elected Athletics Affairs Chairperson. I am passionate about issues that Rutgers students face on a daily basis, including mental health, transportation, and college affordability, among others. Outside of student government, I am the Chief Announcer at WRSU-FM, Rutgers’ flagship campus radio station. In this capacity, I recruit and train students to become radio DJs. I hope to apply the organizational skills I have learned at RBS and WRSU back to RUSA. Rutgers students deserve a student government that advocates for a spectrum of meaningful issues in a cogent and efficient manner. I will do everything in my capacity as a member of the body to achieve this, and make meaningful changes to make Rutgers a better place for everybody.


Roshni Parikh  uKnighted

Students of Rutgers University,
I am pleased to announce that I am running to be the newest Off-Campus Representative. Aware of the significance of such a position in the Rutgers University Student Assembly, I will not only work towards the goal of fostering a better sense of community, but also ensure that necessary changes and improvements are executed in the interests of students, alumni, and faculty here at Rutgers University.
As a sister of the first and only South Asian Service Sorority, Delta Kappa Delta, and a brother of the pre-law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, I have gained skills of leadership, compromise, time-management, and networking that I will be sure to employ once elected. As a student, I have always embraced my curiosity by exploring and joining many of the different clubs and events that Rutgers has to offer. I have grown to love and care about not only my school but everyone in it as well. Therefore, I am committed to all the people of Rutgers, as I see that they are truly what make it the inclusive and revolutionary institution it is today. Using my platform, I hope we can resolve every concern and issue Rutgers may face, including bringing awareness and prevention to sexual violence, combatting the increasing costs of education, confronting alcohol/drug abuse, and putting an end to the stigma around mental health. Only together, uKnighted, can we take a stand and make Rutgers even better than we found it, all while continuing the tradition of excellence that we inherited.
Want to know more about uKnighted? Please feel free to view our website and platform at http://www.voteuknighted.com/ and like our Facebook page at facebook.com/uknighted2018.