Spring 2018 SAS Senator at Large Candidates

SAS Senator at Large (7)


Channel           Jordan uKnighted

I am proud to announce my candidacy to be the newest Senator for the School of Arts and Sciences! I am honored to be running as part of the uKnighted ticket, whose three main focuses are about improving Public Safety, promoting Inclusion, and eliminating the stigma surrounding Mental Health. While every member of the ticket has a variety of issues that they individually feel strongly about, one cause that we all share is the pursuit of a better collegiate experience for all Rutgers students. For the past 3 years I have committed to being an active member of RHA, joining a number of effective committees, such as the Public Safety Committee, the Sexual Violence Education Department, and the Vice Chancellor’s Student Advisory Committee. I’ve also expanded my worked as a STEAM Ambassador, and am a proud supporter of #RUstemherstory. I want to join RUSA to expand my horizons as a leader and to dedicate myself further to the greater Rutgers community. I am excited to be working with such an amazing ticket, consisting of Jessica Tuazon as President; Seth Wasserman as Vice President; and Manish Arora as Treasurer. During high school, I developed a passion for volunteer work and community service. From that experience, I learned about the impact food deserts and food insecurity in lower income communities. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that food insecurity is just as prevalent in Rutgers as it is elsewhere, and believe it is our civic duty to support those less fortunate than ourselves. Once elected, I immediately intend to combat food insecurity at Rutgers and the larger New Brunswick community as well! I am very excited for this experience, and for the ability to continue to encourage change on campus!


Julie     Serrano            UnScrew RU

As I sit and reflect on the past 3 years”¦ 3 months”¦ 3 weeks, I realize that every single day has taught me a lot about myself as a leader, as a woman, and as a friend. The Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) has been a channel for me to work on impactful change as well as develop initiatives that would benefit the student body. As many of you know, I pride myself in being a positive light toward my fellow peers. These past few weeks have shown me a lot about who my friends and fellow leaders are. I learned what it means to be directly impacted by sexism as well as what it is like to be a woman leader. Regardless of the negative situations that I have faced in regards to being undermined and belittled, I have found nothing but inspiring qualities in Adeel Ahmed. As a President, Adeel has shown dedication to his work as well as his teammates, constantly reminding those around him of their importance. His motivation and dedication for RUSA has inspired me to follow him in the Revolution called UnScrew RU. I am thrilled to announce that I will be re-running for my current position of SAS Senator. As a Senator for the past three years, I have worked on a wide array of initiatives from civic engagement to legislative affairs to sustainability. My dedication to the cause is unmatched and I ask you today for your support in allowing me to continue my journey as a Senator.


Nicole Lema    uKnighted

I am excited to announce that I will be running for the position of SAS Senator for Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) for the 2018-2019 academic year. I will be working alongside my party, uKnighted, and with their support I hope to foster change at Rutgers University and empower the Rutgers community. Our three main points are public safety, inclusion and mental health. With this opportunity to be Senator, I will be able to advise Rutgers staff on the opinions of my fellow students on critical issues such as budgets, programs and regulations. Beyond this, I would get to work alongside Rutgers Faculty staff, such as our President Dr. Robert Barchi. I am seeking the vote and the confidence from my fellow Rutgers students to guide me in advocating for what is most important to them. My goal is to be transparent, involved and to not settle for mediocre results during my term. My second year at Rutgers, I engaged with the Rutgers community by becoming a Dance Marathon Liaison for my sorority Phi Sigma Sigma, working directly with the Embrace Kids Foundation. Through these last three years, I have been working diligently to innovate and improve the lives of my chapter, school and community through fundraising and service efforts. With this mindset, I have lead my sorority to becoming top Dance Marathon fundraisers for the past two years, raising over $120,000 for the kids as well as volunteering countless hours translating and visiting with patients. During my time at Rutgers University, I have been impacted by the seriousness of mental health issues, both personally and with close friends. These experiences keeps me determined to not only continue but to better the access to mental health resources here on campus, which I plan on making a personal priority. Hopefully, with your vote and support, I will be elected as Senator. I will not only be representing my fellow Latinos but also women who are passionate about making a true difference in their community and empowering my fellow students. Please support uKnighted in this next election and vote Jessica Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President and Manish Arora for Treasurer.


Jae       Song    Rutgers United

Living as a minority in the US for 12 years, I have seen the lack of inclusivity in our society. This lack of inclusion of different groups of people creates discord, which makes it difficult to enact change. As a part of Rutgers United running as a School of Arts and Science Senator, I wish to accomplish positive changes that would make this great university even better. In order to promote diversity and inclusion, I want to create a constituent assembly made of up general members of the student body that meets once a month to collective work on determining the issues that are most prevalent on campus. This council will be made up of anyone who would like to attend, specific seats will be reserved for representatives of designated communities such as the LGBTQ community, and other identities. I am also very passionate about bettering mental health services, therefore I want to advocate for a better system in CAPS of admitting student and distributing the necessary help to the student body, and advocate to increase their funding in order to properly staff the service. Moreover, I wish to promote ending sexual violence by supporting to unite with student organizations, such as Rutgers NO MORE, and the End Sexual Violence campaign to lead a coalition of advocates to change rape culture on campus, fight to end sexual violence, and provide the necessary resources for survivors.


Addy   Marini  uKnighted

I am Addy Marini a sophomore and I am so excited to announce that I am running for Senator at Large under the uKnighted ticket. I was drawn to this ticket because of our strong platform. Public safety, inclusion, and mental health are issues that students at Rutgers, including myself face everyday. Public safety in particular is important to me because I have had friends who have been robbed or assaulted only a few blocks from College Avenue. Making students feel safe on and off-campus is extremely important for creating a better university environment. No student should feel unsafe when walking at night on campus.
I am extremely involved with the Greek community which has helped me network with a multitude of other students and better understand their needs. I am experienced in holding leadership positions and I currently serve as the Panhellenic Representative within my sorority. Outside of Rutgers I was extremely involved in high school with mock trial and rowing both team sports that taught me how to work with others and make compromises for the benefit of the team. In the summer I work for Bally’s casino in Atlantic City as a casino dealer which has given me valuable experience with conflict resolution and personal responsibility.
I am excited to be working with Jess Tuazon who is running for President, as well as Seth Wasserman who is running for Vice President, and Manish Arora who is running for Treasurer. I have come to know all of the members of the uKnighted ticket well and see them as a group of strong passionate leaders willing to make the changes Rutgers needs. I will advocate for expanding medical amnesty policies, promoting bystander intervention among peers, along with creating student led programs on mental health and sexual violence resources. Overall I will advocate for what the students of Rutgers want and need as their representative. I will take my position seriously and put in time and effort to accomplish the goals of this ticket and put our platform into action.


Ilana    Torres              One Rutgers

As your SAS Senator, I am excited to work with faculty and administrators in the University Senate to improve the experience for students on the Rutgers campus. Being a Latina woman, I’m passionate about diversity and inclusivity on campus. I’m very involved in promoting women empowerment and am a part of the Rutgers Powerlifting Team to prove that women are indeed strong, physically and mentally. I am also involved with my sorority Phi Sigma Sigma. We have recently adopted the ideal of school and college readiness in addition to our current ideals, the brotherhood of man and the alleviation of the world’s pain. I take these ideals to heart, and want to ensure that everyone has a great educational experience for any and every level!


Jhanvi  Virani  One Rutgers

I’m running to be an SAS Senator because I think I can aptly represent the SAS student body. I’m both a STEM and humanities major, I’m an active member of on-campus student orgs outside RUSA, and I have close connections with many communities at the university who have not had as prominent a voice in RUSA as they deserve. I want to bring all of the concerns of these students to the Senate floor, and I want to be a resource to students who have ideas to make Rutgers a better place but have struggled to find an outlet to do so.


Paul     Ziessler            One Rutgers
To the RU Student body,I want to keep this short and sweet. As a member of RUSA, I have had the privilege of serving those of you who are part of the SAS for the past year as a senator in the University Senate. During my time as a student representative, I have worked with Suzanne Link–our ticket leader–in pushing for a student member being placed on the RU Board of Governors to provide the students with a voice on the closed board meetings that determine tuition raises and university policy. I also have begun attending New Brunswick City Council meetings–with our Vice Presidential candidate Jaidev–to begin coordinating a closer bond with the city that we all reside in as students, while pushing for more adequate police presence around the train station past 9pm (when it closes and the official officer withdraws from the area). I hope to further address off-campus safety after my own frightening experience with threats on my life while walking past Easton Avenue. I hope to do so by working with your off-campus representatives and the relationships at city hall that I have begun to foster in order to begin fixing and providing better lighting in student-populated areas that are not on campus. As a senator, I lobbied for all resolutions presented in the senate that provided students with more liberties in terms of their right to participate in state and federal elections, while arguing against measures the faculty and administrative senators sought to put into place to protect their own interests at the expense of the students (such as for example, the SIRS survey being made more irrelevant instead of establishing a different system that could be more efficient in terms of statistically gathering student input in hiring decisions based on the professors quality of teaching). I promised to keep it brief so I will wrap it up here, I want to continue to pursue student safety as a priority while maintaining my passion for serving SAS students and their concerns. My ticket, One Rutgers, is filled with qualified individuals who have served with me this past year and not only love their individual schools and campuses, but Rutger as a whole. I would be humbled to receive your vote; but regardless of the decision you make, would like to thank you for partaking in these elections. Through your vote, our voice as a student body becomes louder.kindestregards,Paul


Evan    Klein 202        UnScrew RU

I want Rutgers to take student issues seriously, UnScrew RU will fight for that goal.


Gabriel            Colley  UnScrew RU

I want to make the administration work for the students.


Monica            Dias     UnScrew RU

We are living in interesting times, for better or for worst – though, admittedly, usually for worst. I understand that, given the current state of affairs, it can sometimes be hard – indeed, very hard – to resist the urge to give up and withdraw from the burning world and from those around us. It can be hard to resist the feeling overwhelming of hopelessness, of utter powerlessness that arises within all of us in the face of difficulty and strife. But resist we must! Because to fail to do so would be to admit defeat, and I’m pretty sure that our mothers didn’t raise any quitters. To give up and recoil into inactive, apathetic complacency would not do anyone any good – in fact, it would only harm those who actually need help and protection. I am a firm believer that in times of tension and upheaval, change grows its strongest roots at a local level. I believe that the best thing that one can do nowadays is to work within one’s community, to help those closest to us who need support and assistance. Well, Rutgers is my community now, and so I want to try to help those students who need help and support the most, and those who are not having their voices heard. That is why I chose to run for SAS Senator at Large, because I believe that filing that position would grant me the ability to help my fellow Rutgers students and do good work within this community.Because even if the world is currently something of a raging dumpster fire, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t at least try to put out the flames, and attempt to make the world slightly less terrible. In the words of Sir Terry Pratchett, “Don’t be scared. Get Angry”, and “Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.”


Lauren Choi    Rutgers United

Living with a physical disability for over 14 years has taught me a lot about how many people treat other individuals with similar handicaps. As I’ve transitioned my way into college, Rutgers University made me realize that there are ways in which students with physical and mental disabilities can be accommodated for; however, I have also noticed that opportunities are missed and unaccounted for for the students who want to be involved in student life, but are limited by their capabilities on such a big campus. The Office of Disability Services already does a lot to help students with academic changes within classrooms and providing private shuttles for physically disabled students, but for me, I believe that the school is not doing enough to fight stigmas attached to disabilities. In doing so, I will create a committee through Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) on disability services that include more conversations about how to be more inclusive and tolerant of each other.Therefore, running alongside Rutgers Uknighted as the School of Arts and Sciences Senator, I will advocate for the small, but influential group of disabled students on/off campus.


Juliette Rolffot            Rutgers United

My name is Juliette Rolffot and I’ll be running for the position of SAS Senator. As an SAS Senator, I will be 100% committed and dedicated to listen to any ideas or concerns my fellow students have. I am willing and ready to push for affordable tuition and start an initiative to guarantee free textbooks to all students. I have many goals and I am confident that if you vote for me, you will not be disappointed. I’m proud to say that I’ll be working with Rutgers United. The three main goals of our campaign are ending sexual violence, bettering mental health services, and focusing on diversity and inclusion.


Malik   Obeidallah       UnScrew RU

“We are not here to curse the darkness; we are here to light a candle” -JFK


Marina Lombardi        uKnighted

Today, I am announcing my candidacy as an SAS Senator in this years RUSA elections with uKnighted!

Our tickets primary focal points are Public Safety, Inclusion and Mental Health. As a transfer student at Rutgers University, a big college like ours, it is hard to feel like our voices are heard. Therefore, being a huge advocate for healthy living and relationships, I can assure you that I am for the people and would love to provide proper mental health services for the school. I am the first to admit I have gone through rough patches before but each of those times truly made me who I am today and I love to continue to bring mental health “into the light” as I have done so this past year with my loving sorority Gamma Phi Beta! No matter the experience, all mental health experiences matters. I am not only passionate about mental health but also the safety of our students here at Rutgers. We all blessed to go to such an amazing institution and what personally concerns me is the increase in off-campus robberies. My roommates and I were robbed this semester and it was an overwhelming experience on top of my extracurriculars, work, and school. I can assure to make Rutgers a safer environment, not only to the off-campus community but on-campus as well. We must stay “uknighted” and take a stance on safety on the streets of New Brunswick, sexual violence and party culture, and mental health awareness in both a private and public fashion. I am running along with the amazing Jess Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President, and Manish Arora <3 for Treasurer, vote for us and see an even more organized, transparent, and “uknighted” community!


I strongly encourage all Rutgers students to vote for us! Please check out our platform at http://www.voteuknighted.com/ and like our Facebook page at facebook.com/uKnighted2018/! RU RAH RAH! Go uKnighted!!


George A.       Zapata uKnighted

I am humbled, honored, and reinvigorated to announce my candidacy for SAS Senator in the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) with uKnighted! Rutgers has always been near and dear to my heart, which is why I am proud of the work I have done in the past year in RUSA. Serving on the Student Affairs Committee and the Legislative Affairs Committee, I have advocated for college affordability, working on lobbying efforts to increase Pell Grants and NJ TAG, supporting a student-voting representative on the Board of Governors, protecting our DACA recipients on campus through advocacy and improving accessibility to free menstrual hygiene products across campus. With your support, I want to continue addressing these issues and increasing civic engagement both on and off campus. I am proud to be on a ticket that priorities addressing these important issues and others, such as public safety, inclusion, and mental health alongside passionate, experienced, and selfless individuals such as Jessica Tuazon, Seth Wasserman, and Manish Arora to achieve these goals. If you want to check out our platform, visit facebook.com/uKnighted2018/


Evan    Koslowski       uKnighted

Hello! I am happy to announce that I will be running for SAS Senator at Large for the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) as part of the “uKnighted” ticket! When I am re-elected, I will continue to advocate for public safety, inclusion, overcoming the stigma surrounding mental health in today’s society, and many other issues that Rutgers students face on a daily basis. Currently a sophomore here at Rutgers, I am excited and eager to continue to make a change in the Rutgers community. I pride myself on being a hard-working student who is willing to help all my peers with a smile on my face. This past semester, I served as an Off-Campus Representative in RUSA and have learned to hear the students voices and fight for the changes they are passionate about. This upcoming election I am running to be an SAS senator at large. I would love nothing more than to continue my time in the Assembly by representing all of the SAS students here at Rutgers. My history in RUSA led me to co-author and promote the “Off Campus Free Resource Outreach Program” designed to inform students of the free resources they have available to them that they may not even know about! I highly recommend you vote for our ticket’s top three candidates, Jess Tuazon for President, Seth Wasserman for Vice President, and Manish Arora for Treasurer. I look forward to representing the SAS students here at Rutgers and continue to amplifying your voices. Thank you for your time and don’t forget to give our Facebook page a like https://www.facebook.com/uKnighted2018/ and check out our website http://www.voteuknighted.com!


Mohammed     Attiyeh            UnScrew RU

My name is Mohammed Attiyeh and I have been a member of the Rutgers Community for my entire life. I was born in New Brunswick and raised in Piscataway. I began attending Rutgers events since I have learned to walk. I officially started attending the University as a sophomore in high school and began to incorporate myself in organizations all throughout Rutgers and the surrounding towns. I know and understand this commuter better than most. I am also very aware of what goes on in the surrounding communities and within Rutgers that the government and Rutgers chooses to ignore, and the events that the media does not report on. I am a Pre-Med and Public Health major, and a double minor in Business and Biology. My goal is make the commuter aware and use all of my energy, recources, and my knowledge acquired from my education to try to create a great deal change throughout the Rutgers community


Natalie Settimo            One Rutgers

My name is Natalie Settimo and I am so excited to announce my candidacy for SAS Senator. I have spent the entirety of my undergraduate career as a representative within RUSA, advocating for the needs of students. Last year, I was honored to hold the role of Sexual Assault Prevention chair, working with my committee to eradicate sexual violence on Rutgers campus. Through my committee, we advocated for the rights of survivors, started conversations with our Break the Silence town hall, and passed legislation that now requires all RUSA members to receive Bystander Intervention training. I am excited to pursue my RUSA career further by running for SAS Senator One Rutgers is a team that embodies strength and dedication to students. My running mates have the deepest pride and respect for our community of Scarlet Knights, and are excited to advocate and work to improve issues of mental health, public safety, and college affordability. I urge you to help make a positive impact on our campus and vote One Rutgers!


Ezekiel            Medina            Rutgers United

As a lifelong resident of New Brunswick, I have been afforded the opportunity to see the ways in which Rutgers has affected my community. While efforts have been made to make positive changes in the New Brunswick community, Rutgers has ultimately not done enough. And to make changes in specific areas, you must have some background knowledge in those areas. I consider myself that person. Growing up here has offered me a unique perspective on life, and the values that I have are influenced by my queer Latinx background. It is time that we work together to implement policies that are inclusive and work to undo societal norms that are outdated, particularly those related to sexual violence and mental health. I have had the opportunity to be on the E-board of Rutgers Unión Estudiantil Puertorriqueña (RUEP) and the Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health Auxiliary Board to effect changes in the Rutgers and New Brunswick communities. While bringing awareness to countless issues such as diversity on campus or Liver Health in the New Brunswick community, I can safely say that there is still a lot of work to be done. But I believe that we are capable of shaking things up and restructuring a system that is more inclusive, diverse, and accepting of people from all walks of life. As one of your University Senators, through Rutgers United, I would be bringing your voice to the forefront and making sure that new policies reflect the need of the students on campus. It is time to bring this perspective and this determination to RUSA. Connect with us Rutgers UnitedIG/Twitter: @RutgersUnitedRutgersUnited.com


Mannal            Babar   Rutgers United

My name is Mannal Babar. I’m running as a candidate for the SAS Senator at large. I will be working on a platform with Rutgers United to end sexual violence, focus on diversity on campus and in our curriculum and towards improving mental health services. I want to fight to make sure the voices of all students are heard. One of the things I’m passionate about is about being consciously aware of our surroundings. I will work to promote self-care for ALL students by making sure that Rutgers is a safe, healthy and inclusive environment.


Mustafa           Raza    One Rutgers

As the great boxer Muhammad Ali said: “I am the greatest.” That is why you should vote for me. I am simply the greatest candidate available. I am the greatest because I will do the most for you and that no one will outwork me. I will work tirelessly to float swiftly through meetings like a butterfly and to quickly sting issues into submission like a bee. I will focus primarily on issues such as those of transportation, campus safety, and sexual assault. If you elect me then we will work together in our eternal strive for greatness.


Jennifer           Kim     Rutgers United

Going to a school of over 35,000 students it may feel like you’re just a number and your voice is unheard. As SAS Senator at Large I hope to be the person that brings your words into actions and your concerns into solutions. I’m running with Rutgers United and we focus on 3 major concerns- to end Sexual Violence, end Mental Health Stigmas, and Diversity & Inclusion. My goal as Senator is to get the campus to start talking about these all too prevalent issues more openly. We have all either suffered, are suffering, or know someone who have been impacted by these issues. My hope is that everyone understands that they are not alone. Most importantly I want students to feel supported by not only the student body but by the faculty. Rutgers should be a home away from home, a place where you feel safe, and a place where you feel empowered. Whether that means improving the resources that are provided, making information more readily available, whatever it may be- I want to hear what you have to say so we can make this school a better place for all of us. Let’s come together and help unite Rutgers.


Maya   Ravichandran  One Rutgers

Hi, my name is Maya Ravichandran, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to run for SAS Senator at Large. I will never forget how warmly Rutgers welcomed me, when I, as a high school senior knowing almost no one at the school, went to Rutgers Day and visited the computer science lounge, the CAVE. Without hesitation, the students included and accepted me into their community, which I continue to be involved in through USACS and as an organizer for HackRU and HackHers. I would like to foster this same spirit of welcoming, inclusivity, and strong camaraderie I experienced at the beginning of my time at Rutgers and would like to help our university embrace the needs of diverse groups of students. Coming into Rutgers, I believed that Rutgers could help me and all other students learn, grow, and feel actively supported every day. Rutgers continues to inspire and engage me, and I am energized to help make it even better. I am now equipped with a deeper understanding of the problems Rutgers faces and am committed to avoid merely griping about Rutgers’s issues and instead wish to actively work towards making attending Rutgers a positive and fulfilling experience for everyone. I am also thrilled to be running with the passionate One Rutgers team, helping the crucial causes of mental health, public safety, college affordability.I strongly believe in the potential of Rutgers and hope to be able to serve you as a RUSA representative.Thank you,Maya RavichandranClass of 2021, Honors College, Douglass Residential CollegeAlso involved with the following communities: women’s empowerment (Douglass Honors College Coalition e-board, Douglass STEAM Ambassador), computer science (member of USACS, organizer for HackRU and HackHers), and finance (analyst in Rutgers Student Managed Fund, Technology Director of Rutgers Venture Capital Club, member of LIBOR)